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Review by  Derek Christianson
Reviewed on 2019-02-20
This is a great game! I really like it! But one small thing... there are 4 total flash applications, with all >100k. So I recommend you clear your archive if you have an 84+, because it takes about 600k.

Review by  John Langar
Reviewed on 2011-10-05
Chip's Challenge is the most suburb game I have ever seen programmed for the TI-84. A perfect imitation of the original platform game, I am extremely excited to add this game to my calculator.

Graphics are great, along with controls, so this game deserves a perfect 10/10!

Review by  Epix Shin
Reviewed on 2011-01-17
This is a perfect remake of Chip's Challenge with all the original levels from the PC version. The game is very playable and true to the original.

The 8 level grayscale graphics are superb and virtually flicker free, unseen in any other TI-83+/84+ game. There might be problems with graphics distorting and jumping on TI-84+, but as of now, using OS 2.55MP, I haven't seen that problem again.

This game stores hours of gameplay with 149 levels. Definitely a worthwhile addition as a standalone application to your calculator. 10/10

Review by  Patrick Prendergast
Reviewed on 2009-09-25
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Brendan Fletcher is a true prodigy among calculator programmers. Some of his projects are amazing; Chip's Challenge for TI-83+ is no exception!

Chip's Challenge for TI-83+ has you take the role of Chip McCallahan as you guide him through a plethora of challenging levels, all 149 levels from the PC version in fact, in order to achieve his ultimate goal: Joining the Bit Busters!

Featuring fast paced gameplay and stunningly beautiful 8-level grayscale graphics (a first for the TI-83+) this game is both a visual marvel and a fantastic technical achievement.

True to the PC version in almost every aspect, Chip's Challenge for TI-83+ is a very worthy homage to the much loved and longly adored classic videogame.

This game will live on my calculator for a very long time, I give it a perfect 10/10.

A must have for everyone!

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