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Review by  Kev fei
Reviewed on 2011-12-29
Although this is a good early version of the Periodic Table, the lag and difficulty of drag and drop to change elements is very bad. It's information is still useful, but usability is very low. The Lua version provides much better usability and is very nice. If one cannot find a better alternative, this program will still do the job.

Review by  Jared Carter
Reviewed on 2009-03-04
This program is a must have! It is extremely easy to use, and should come with the calculator. All of the properties of the element are quite useful (and accurate), and the graphs are really cool, but the calculator page is what really takes the cake. It makes it nearly impossible to goof up molar mass conversions. Rather than looking up each element, one simply has to enter the symbols and the program spits out the molar mass. I cannot express how useful and convenient this program is. The only downside to this program is that the page with the periodic table tends to lag. The pros totally out weigh the cons, and everyone in a science course or interested in science should download it.

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