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Review by  Michael Lee
Reviewed on 2009-10-08
When I first downloaded this, I thought it was somewhere along the lines of games like Falling Sand and Pyro Sand. Turns out, it's a lot more limited, only allowing you to drop elements from the top and watch them randomly fall the bottom.

Believe me, this isn't bad, but in the face of there being only 2 elements, I can personally guarantee this will be deleted from your calculator very soon after installing. Once the developer adds elements like water, sand, oil, fire, (which I would consider the absolute minimum for a element simulation game, this game will be awesome. For now, if you want to just play around for a minute or two, get it. If not, wait until an update.

Review by  Nathaniel van Diepen
Reviewed on 2009-02-10
This program looks pretty good, and runs well. There is a label error when you try to quit, but other then that there are no problems with the program. It would be nice if the Readme was a little bit easier to understand but it doesn't take that long to figure out. If the author added a few more capabilities and increased its authenticity it could be an real interesting program to play around with. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to play around with simulation.

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