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Review by  ian scott
Reviewed on 2009-02-04
Nice glitch. I actually got it to keep my calc running; well, sort of. When I turned my calc back on at the end of the instructions, it displayed the program menu, like the author said might happen. I scrolled down again to redo the glitch, and woke my calc up again. This time, it displayed a blinking 'invalid' cursor (the one you get if you type too many characters for a prgm name), and graph-screen style x=,y= values on the bottom of the screen. x and y both equal 0.0E-128. And I just discovered that it will still go into sleep mode if I leave it alone long enough...

I wonder what else it will do in this new mode.

Review by  Mr. Tee
Reviewed on 2009-02-04
As soon as I saw this, I had to try it. I went through the steps, and everything was just how he described it :P (I actually got the program menu on step 32)

Anyway, as soon as it was done, I printed out it as a document, and now I am waiting for tomorrow, and many people freaking out at their calculator.

Graphics: 11/10 Better than usual

Repeatability: 9/10 Gets old on your calc, but not on others!

Game play: 8/10 The instructions are a little too long

Originality: 8/10 Yes, its just another crashing technique, but it uses omnicalc!


And to think that this is just another one of those "RAM Cleared" Programs (Well, its not really a program, but still)

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