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Classic RPG Developer's Toolkit V0.0.1


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Filename classicrpgdtk.zip (Download)
Title Classic RPG Developer's Toolkit V0.0.1
Description I started working on this about a year ago (during class, of course), but lost interest in it before some key elements were completed. The editors for this are finished, but some of the actual game mechanics are not there. I suggest checking it out. If not to use, then to laugh at. :D Basic graphical text RPG maker. Let me know if you are interested (seriously) in completing this. Or if you really want me to complete this. ;)
Author smchronos (smchronos@dualsolace.com)
Category TI-89 BASIC Misc. Programs (Development Tools)
File Size 35,636 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Sep 6 01:14:56 2008
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
Classic RPG DTK/.DS_Store   15364
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._.DS_Store   82
Classic RPG DTK/asc.89f   342
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._asc.89f   82
Classic RPG DTK/back.89i   1651
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._back.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/back2.89i   1651
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._back2.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/battle.89p   5933
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._battle.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/box.89i   129
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._box.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/chip.89l   202
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._chip.89l   82
Classic RPG DTK/classic.89p   589
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._classic.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/clsrun.89p   1379
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._clsrun.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/cover.89i   1011
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._cover.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/cstspell.89p   1686
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._cstspell.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/dbox.89i   133
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._dbox.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/death.89p   355
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._death.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/documentation.txt   4625
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._documentation.txt   171
Classic RPG DTK/dungedit.89p   3171
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._dungedit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/dungeon.89m   1051
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._dungeon.89m   82
Classic RPG DTK/ebox.89i   133
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._ebox.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/editor.89p   3672
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._editor.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/evenedit.89p   302
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._evenedit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/fillrect.89i   165
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._fillrect.89i   82
Classic RPG DTK/getslot.89p   2664
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._getslot.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/history.89p   532
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._history.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/itemedit.89p   3377
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._itemedit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/itm.89m   2188
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._itm.89m   82
Classic RPG DTK/menu.89p   453
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._menu.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/npc.89m   15197
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._npc.89m   82
Classic RPG DTK/npcedit.89p   3507
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._npcedit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/player.89t   492
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._player.89t   82
Classic RPG DTK/rundung.89p   1278
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._rundung.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/runnpc.89p   3101
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._runnpc.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/runtext.89p   1696
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._runtext.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/scrypt.89f   668
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._scrypt.89f   82
Classic RPG DTK/setup.89p   898
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._setup.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/shop.89m   1968
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._shop.89m   82
Classic RPG DTK/shopedit.89p   3135
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._shopedit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/sleep.89p   367
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._sleep.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/spell.89m   1008
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._spell.89m   82
Classic RPG DTK/split.89p   624
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._split.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/splledit.89p   3044
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._splledit.89p   82
Classic RPG DTK/start.89l   136
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._start.89l   82
Classic RPG DTK/stedit.89p   759
__MACOSX/Classic RPG DTK/._stedit.89p   82

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