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Block Dude: The Sands of Time (xLIB)


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Filename blockdude.zip (Download)
Title Block Dude: The Sands of Time (xLIB)
Description Block Dude: The Sands of Time is a BASIC xLIB-run clone of PuzzPack’s Block Dude with a few changes. I’ll cut to the chase: the DEL key now reverses time similar to the Dagger of Time in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, although where Prince of Persia’s feature backed up ten seconds, Block Dude can reverse up to twenty moves without any actual time limit constraint. (Be aware that walking into walls, attempting to pick up nonexistent blocks, etc, count as moves! I’m not sure if this is more of a glitch than a feature; I may try to change this in a future version.) Now you don’t have to fear walking off a high ledge, accidentally cornering yourself in a tight area, or anything of the sort. There are a few other minor changes. First, being programmed in BASIC, it is slightly slower, but not unplayable. Also, since BASIC doesn’t allow for keys being held down in combination with other keys, 2ND now toggles look mode rather than enabling it while held. You can also select which level you want to play without having to remember the password. Block Dude: The Sands of Time also allows you to change the wall, block, and goal sprites (I made up a castle theme) as well as use the inverted sprites for a nighttime effect. prgmBLOKDUDE is the program you run to play. Although prgmENGINE can be run by itself, I don’t recommend in unless you accidentally break execution; even so, you will not be taken to the next level when you beat it. The program uses xLIB’s execute archived program function, so you don’t need to keep the LVL programs unarchived. I may later write a mapmaker for this game, as the code has been set up so player-created levels could be easily implemented.
Author Max K (maxkoren@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Puzzle/Blocks)
File Size 19,026 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Oct 22 10:19:38 2009
Documentation Included? No



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Archive Contents
Name Size
blokdude/BDEX1.GIF   2352
blokdude/BDEX2.GIF   1616
blokdude/BDEX3.GIF   1616
blokdude/BDEX4.GIF   2201
blokdude/BLOKDUDE.8xp   2051
blokdude/ENGINE.8xp   1661
blokdude/Pic0.8xi   832
blokdude/xLIB .8xk   15200
blokdude/_theta_LVL01.8xp   437
blokdude/_theta_LVL02.8xp   562
blokdude/_theta_LVL03.8xp   540
blokdude/_theta_LVL04.8xp   897
blokdude/_theta_LVL05.8xp   741
blokdude/_theta_LVL06.8xp   670
blokdude/_theta_LVL07.8xp   799
blokdude/_theta_LVL08.8xp   1048
blokdude/_theta_LVL09.8xp   767
blokdude/_theta_LVL10.8xp   1157
blokdude/_theta_LVL11.8xp   1232

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