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Review by  Alex Tavarez
Reviewed on 2009-05-12
This file is a second post of the one at this link made by the same author: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/408/40866.html

Basically, this is a remake of the game 'Portal' by Valve. It is a good remake, though in 2D. This game works with any shell that supports basic, but I found one thing that is annoying. Whenever you save, every file that it saves to (quite a few, but not enough to make a huge difference in your RAM), isn't archived. This may not seem bad, and it isn't, but my calculator has some minor problems with save files taking up almost every variable within the RAM.

As for the positives; this is a very good remake of Portal in 2D. There really isn't much to say, other than this is an amazing game for BASIC. It still feels original, and it sometimes feels like ASM.

As a final note, I'd like to say that I own an 84+ SE, and I'm not sure how this program runs speed-wise on an 83+.

Speed: 8- Pretty good. Almost ASM-like, except for lasers.

Controls: 8.5- A little confusing at first, but actually very practical and easy.

Gameplay: 7- A slightly watered-down version of Portal.

Graphics: 8- Simple, but very effective.

Size: 7- Large, and saves don't archive. However, easter eggs make up for this.

Overall: 8.5- The sum of this game is better than the individual parts. Worth a download.

Review by  Dylan Smith
Reviewed on 2008-06-16
I like this program a lot and it is a very good rendition of portal even though it is 2-D. Anyone who likes puzzle games will probably like this game.

The readme is lying though, there is a very easy way (it took me about 5 minutes) to save the custom levels that even an inexperienced programer could use. All you have to do is look at all the variables it uses then make a program that stores those values to those varibles (for people who have no programming experience at all in a new program you just type the number or the word(put quotes on either side of words by pressing Alpha +)then press sto-> and input the letter or list then press enter and repeat until you have all the varibles it used). Lists can be accessed through 2nd stat, and strings(str#)can be accessed through vars 7.

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