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Review by  Matt Pierce
Reviewed on 2008-03-12
User-friendliness: 7/10

I was able to get it to work just fine without any problems. I followed exactly what it said to do in the readme and all went well, but it was kind of complicated.

Graphics: 9/10

Some graphics in the game were awesome, but other things were comletely unnecessary (i.e., the pointless 2 minute long credits screen). Good use of xLib though.

Game Play: 7/10

I lost interest in it quickly. I give it a 7/10 though because I'm sure many other people would love it.

Size: 4/10 (14+ kb)

I give this a 4/10 because of the number of programs and subprograms it requires...not because of the number of pics.

Overall: 7/10

Review by  frag em
Reviewed on 2008-03-10
Seeing the graphics of this game really impressed me for just a basic game, but I had a problem of actually playing the game. It wouldn't let me load or start a record, even with Xlib and ungrouping the folder, but it did let me see the credits (: and that was pretty cool. So here is what i would rate it as.

Graphics: 9

Game play: doesn't let me

Effort: 9

Controls: 8

Transitions: 6

Overall, I would give it a 5-8 because im not sure how the game play is.

Review by  Andrew Kortze
Reviewed on 2008-03-09
This looks awesome...but I can't get it to work! From what I can tell, the graphics are great, and the speed very fast, but what is suppose to be the game launcher does not function properly. I've tried other various ways to enter the game, but with no success. Also, the game author forgot to add that omnicalc is needed for this game to run. So with some upgrades and more instructions, this game could be VERY impressive. But right now, I have to give this a 0/0, until further notice.

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