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Review by  Chris Carrow
Reviewed on 2011-02-12
Highly recommended program. It takes only seconds to set up and adds very important features great for basic programs. As it says in the description, by installing it you can run many more programs with less apps, execute and edit archived programs, and have a save prompt when exiting edit view.

After some testing, I've determined which method this app uses for executing archived programs. When a program is run, the app copies it to RAM temporarily, and when it finishes, it is removed again. I haven't had any issues with the app leaving programs in memory or using up my RAM, so it definitely archives programs stopped prematurely with On or Quit as well. In tests, archived and unarchived programs run equally fast because it copies them to RAM first. The downside to this is that large programs will not run if you have less free memory than is required for them. For program hoarders, however, it's an excellent way to keep them all stored in flash without losing them due to crashes or battery changes.

It comes with a few negligible bugs on the TI 84+SE: the program name on the basic editing menu says 'CalcUtin' instead of the program's name, and it seems to add a ▲ symbol to the end of app names when sending apps to other calculators.

While the glitches are unfortunate, this app is extremely valuable considering what it adds to basic program management, and is a must-have for most enthusiasts.


Review by  Nova Yoshi
Reviewed on 2009-10-21
I'm a TI-BASIC programmer, and I like to keep all my programs in the archive. I tend to use apps to gain more commands for use with BASIC, but once or twice the extra functions backfired and caused a reset, and I lost the BASIC program I was working on. CalcUtil allows me edit archived programs, so I don't have to unarchive every time I want to edit a program. I would recommend it to other TI-BASIC programmers that have trouble with resets, and want to keep their programs safely saved.

Review by  andrew hudson
Reviewed on 2008-05-29
This is a good programme, but I still like to use Doors and NoShell better, since they are far more reliable. CalcUtil messed up the calculator's operating system (TI-84+(SE) v2.3), by making it so when quitting the TIOS programme editor, I had no RAM available (MEM FREE: 0 and the œò¡Ñ cursor on homescreen). Even when the application was deleted, RAM cleared, and appvar deleted, the programme editor was still messed up. However, reloading the operating system took care of it.

If this programme was compatible with v2.3 of the TIOS, then I would give it a 10/10, since it is quite a useful application!

Review by  Felix Sun
Reviewed on 2008-04-28
When I downloaded this program, I assumed that it would be another keyhook catastrophe, like Noshell. However, I am impressed!

The idea: 10/10

Take Noshell, make it work well, add some keyhooks, and make it compatable with all other apps. What could be better?

The execution: 10+/10

Easy to install, really does run all Mirage and Ion programs from the program menu. The proglist thing is neat, too.

Originality: 8/10

Not too original, though it does combine all the other experiments in operating system-less apps into one successful program.

Overall: 10/10

I don't care if it isn't original- I may never use Mirage again!

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