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Review by  Tony Seger
Reviewed on 2008-04-12
This is doubtlessly the best minesweeper for the TI 83-84 calculators. Nonetheless, it has one downside that the earlier reviews haven't mentioned, there is only one difficulty level: Easy. Other than that, this is a must download.

Overall: 9/10

Review by  Mr. Kimura
Reviewed on 2007-06-04
First of all, very nice interface. One quick title screen and it goes straight to the game.

It really is a clone of the computer version. For one thing it clears out numbers when you click on a free space, a feature many minesweeper "clones" lack. However, it does not relocate a mine on the first click, so it is possible to lose on your first turn (no biggie). I really like how you can press down at a corner and it wraps around to another one. Now if only I could hold the arrow keys and scroll...

The only major complaint I have is the location of the buttons. I would have liked the flag button to be ALPHA and not MODE (on 84+), the Y= key as the restart button is a little odd, and I think the exit button should be CLEAR, not DEL. However, I can live with all of these and they certainly shouldn't stop you from downloading this program.

Overall, a strong 9.7/10!! It's awesome!!!

Review by  Bleh 7777
Reviewed on 2007-06-03
By far, "Grayscale Minesweeper 1" is the best minesweeper clone I've seen for the 83/84 calculators.

Some nice features that I saw:

  • When you click a blank square, it fills the entire area.
  • A timer! With a high score board!
  • A cursor.

Some things I found that could be improved/fixed:

  • I encountered a glitch that involved the cursor selecting the button to the right of the one it was pointing to.
  • Takes a while to figure out that F1 means "new game".
  • No customization whatsoever.

Overall, I'd give "Grayscale Minesweeper 1" a 9/10.

Review by  Bryce Taylor
Reviewed on 2007-05-09
This is by far the best minesweeper game yet on the 83+ series calculators. It is much smaller than the basic w/xlib counterparts and the greyscale is nearly perfect. It includes a high score, smiley face, auto-uncover, and more. A must download for everyone. It also runs nostub, or at least the version I have does.

Speed: 10/10

No lag.

Gameplay: 10/10

Perfect emulation.

Replayability: 10/10

It's minesweeper.

Originality: 2/10

It's minesweeper.

Graphics: 10/10

Stability: 10/10

No bugs.

Overall: 52/60

A must download for everyone! It is one of the best games available.

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