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StatLite 1.02.1 Graphical Interface


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Filename statlitegi.zip (Download)
Title StatLite 1.02.1 Graphical Interface
Description This is an upgrade to StatLite 1.02 it differs from the original because it uses a graphical interface to input and output the data; StatLitE v1.02 is a TI-83,84 style command-line distribution function package. Running normcdf(-infinity,36,35,2) returns 0.691462461274, full 12 decimal accuracy. The built-in TI cumulative normal is only accurate to 8 decimals. StatLitE is also a 12.3k alternative to the full 317k Stat LE Flash App. Included are pdfs and cdfs for the binomial, chi-squared, F-distribution, geometric, normal, Poisson and Student’s t distributions. The inverse normal cdf is also part of this package. Inverse chi-squared, F-distribution and Student’s t use the built-in solve function. Those three inverses run VERY SLOWLY! Supporting functions are the beta, incomplete beta, regularized beta, error function, complementary error function, double factorial, rising factorial, gamma, natural log gamma, lower incomplete gamma, upper incomplete gamma, and regularized gamma.
Authors Bob Wang (bobby_wang@hotmail.com)
David F Suescun Ramirez (porter) (dashja@gmail.com)
Category Voyage 200 BASIC Math Programs
File Size 94,379 bytes
File Date and Time Wed May 16 00:18:14 2007
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
StatLite GI 1.02.1/cdf89-1.gif   2157
StatLite GI 1.02.1/cdf89-2.gif   2091
StatLite GI 1.02.1/cdf92p.gif   3000
StatLite GI 1.02.1/cdfv2.gif   3000
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Distribution function examples.doc   31744
StatLite GI 1.02.1/History.txt   411
StatLite GI 1.02.1/mem89.gif   2062
StatLite GI 1.02.1/mem92p.gif   2905
StatLite GI 1.02.1/memv2.gif   2881
StatLite GI 1.02.1/norm89.gif   2150
StatLite GI 1.02.1/norm92p.gif   2557
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normf689.gif   1888
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normf692.gif   2478
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normf6v2.gif   2486
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normi89.gif   2402
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normi92p.gif   2963
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normiv2.gif   2957
StatLite GI 1.02.1/normv2.gif   2558
StatLite GI 1.02.1/StatLitE.doc   137728
StatLite GI 1.02.1/StatLitE.txt   3229
StatLite GI 1.02.1/With Flib/statlite.data.v2y   9011
StatLite GI 1.02.1/With Flib/statlite.statlite.v2p   8755
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.archdist.v2p   1497
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.beta.v2f   276
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.betainc.v2f   303
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.betareg.v2f   263
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.binomcdf.v2f   493
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.binompdf.v2f   387
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.chi2cdf.v2f   352
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.chi2inv.v2f   274
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.chi2pdf.v2f   364
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.erf.v2f   1646
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.erfc.v2f   178
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.factdbl.v2f   361
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.factrise.v2f   253
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.fcdf.v2f   523
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.finv.v2f   285
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.fpdf.v2f   459
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.gamma.v2f   645
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.gammaln.v2f   355
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.gammalwr.v2f   283
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.gammareg.v2f   218
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.gammaupr.v2f   287
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.geomcdf.v2f   484
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.geompdf.v2f   331
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.normcdf.v2f   358
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.norminv.v2f   2383
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.normpdf.v2f   295
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.poisscdf.v2f   414
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.poisspdf.v2f   307
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.statlite.v2p   5997
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.tcdf.v2f   517
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.tinv.v2f   283
StatLite GI 1.02.1/Without Flib/statlite.tpdf.v2f   382

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