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Review by  Ben Nagy
Reviewed on 2007-12-11
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I used to bowl. But I stopped after I found out I couldn't get any better. I was bad.

Really bad.

I saw this game on my friend's calculator, and thought I would try my hand at bowling again. I mean, I am good at stuff when its virtual. I could never kill a demon dragon king on level 64 in real life, obviously. But in a video game...

This game was amazing, however once you find the setting that will always win...

Since this game is run by math, and there is not a significant amount of skill, nor luck involved.

Speed: 10/10


Gameplay: 9/10

Extremely fun!

Replay: 1/10

If you find the setting...

Graphics: 10/10

Incredible! Grayscale and everything!

Resources: 7/10


Overall: 7/10

Good game, but just try not to find the way to always get a strike!

Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2007-09-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This bowling game raise the bar in BASIC programming (using asm libs) again, and this time, very very high.

Graphics: 10/10 THey are the best I've seen so far with all those animations. For a while it even gave me an arcade room feel, but in black and white

Controls: 9/10 very good control. I notice practically no key detection problem, and the game always run very fast, even on a black TI-83+

Gameplay: 9/10 altough quite hard to understand at first, you'll get in very quickly

Size: 8/10 considering it run off the archive and only take the size of one page Flash APP. The game is also deleted from RAM when you exit so it's not a problem to manage memory usage after playing.

Replay value: 10/10 The game was banned from school because it was too addicting (j/k)

Overall: 9.2/10 Probably one of the best calc game to date. A must download if you like bowling type games!

Review by  Joshua Huang
Reviewed on 2007-04-03
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

“Bowling” is one of the best BASIC games there are. I know it’s made with “xLib”, but the graphics are just stunning. Even though you can only bowl in a 2D mode, looking from above, 3D bowling is much cooler. Also, it would be better if there were a in-game help file; the controls are confusing at first.

Graphics: 11/10 Mind blowing; just look at the screenshots; they are better than most assembly programs.
Speed: 10/10 Runs smoothly.
Memory: 5/10 It takes up 20k memory just to run, but again, all “Basicbuilder” programs are like that.
Fun Factor: 9/10 Really fun; but 3D would be better
Replay Value: 10/10 There are many options and choices. You’ll never get bored.
Bugs: 10/10 None that I know of.
Overall: 55/60 Download now!

Review by  Nick Taylor
Reviewed on 2007-03-17
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Wow. Thats what I said when I first saw this game. It looked like a full-blown assembly game. Then I looked at the directory. "BASIC?!!?" I said to myself, shocked. But then I realized that this was compiled with BasicBuilder, making it into an app and probably saving a lot of space on the calc.

Graphics: 11/10 - Incredible graphics. With help from xLib, this game has better graphics than some assembly games.

Gameplay: 11/10 - It's bowling, with actual graphics! Plus, there are high scores, and "power-ups" including added spin, shoes, and different balls. There are several different modes, plus multiplayer.

Controls: 10/10 - The control scheme adds a lot to this game. The "Spin" control really makes this a unique bowling game, and adds a twist to an old favorite.

Replay Value: 10/10 - This game will stay on my calc for a LONG TIME. This game, as I said above, has many different modes to keep the game fresh.

Size & Versatility: 9/10 - This game takes up 1 app slot but it also needs xLib, taking another slot. It uses no picture slots. That's a pretty heavy toll on an 83+, but on an 84SE, it's not a problem. Regardless, if you have an 83+ 83SE, 84+ or 84SE, get this game.

Overall: 51/50 (102%) - This is the bar-setter for bowling games from this point on. If you have the space needed and a few minutes to learn the new system, definitely download this bowling game. Skip on all of the other ones, and go straight to this one.

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