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Review by  CJ Metxger
Reviewed on 2009-03-17
Although the game comes with the great options of sub-numbers, save features, hints, and a simple, clean look, it lacks the basic features of a Sudoku game that would make this program fantastic visually and functionally, such as:

-Using less memory. It is entirely possible to make a Sudoku game without having the overwrite protection with two matrices and no lists.

-Self-defining the Matrices it uses and making SURE there's no conflict (for example trying to unarchive your saved matrix when it doesn't exist)

-And most importantly, making sure you can't overwrite the numbers that were originally there. This is a big problem in this version: if you accidentally press a number over one that was originally intended to be permanent, then you can never finish the game if you don't remember EXACTLY where it was and what number it was as well.

On the plus side, he gives us lots of cool features that work pretty nicely, and greatly enhance game play. The thing that struck me the most was the sub-numbers! Even though you can't save them, it is still really neat how the program performs it, and I hope he improves upon it to save space.

The programming is alright, but he bases everything off of the label system, which is unnecessary. You can make an entire program a lot shorter and run faster if you don't use labels. Plus, his labels and ordering are so complicated that if he wanted to go back and change his code, it would be quite a hindrance.

Review by  Manan Thakkar
Reviewed on 2007-03-29
This is undoubtedly the best version of Sudoku I've seen for the Ti-83/84 family so far.


  • You can "pencil in" possibilities for each square (this is the only Sudoku game I have found that can do this)
  • Save Game (fairly standard feature)
  • Difficulty Levels (another standard feature)
  • Totally random puzzles
  • Coolest(and best) format for sudoku I've seen so far.
    • A small box on the left for filling in possibilities,
    • A drop down menu


  • Takes slightly longer to create a puzzle than other sudoku software (but it isn't too bad)
  • There is no timer feature

Overall Review

Playability: 10/10

Graphics/Layout: 10/10

Speed: 7/10

Features: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Review by  Patrick Connor
Reviewed on 2007-02-27
1. It may cost some space, but it's worth it to make the game shell-compatible.

2. Having to initialize [I] is a pain, especially to people who don't know why their game is crashing.

3. It does have a scrambling engine, but it lacks speed in doing so. Much more efficient ones could be made. Also, if you have a scrambling engine, then you don't need to have five different layouts for puzzles in your game. It would just take up space.

4. Sketching in numbers doesn't do much good if the numbers aren't saved.

It is one of the more advanced Sudoku games out there, but with some modifications, it could be much better.

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