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Review by  Elyassin mana
Reviewed on 2017-12-31
I have put this game on my TI-82 Advanced calculator (I haven't got any TI-83/TI-84) and it's pretty really good for Basic !!! There are only 8 levels and I'm an experienced puzzle gamer. I have win all the levels in 3 days of mathclass.

And the editor is difficult to use but we can create our graphics and it's spectalcular for BASIC program !

Playability : 10/10

Replayability : 5/10

(There is no setting to reset the game)

Speed : 9/10

Editor : 10/10

Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2010-09-19
Graphics - 9/10 - Awesome graphics for TI-BASIC, looking ASM-like

Game-play/Controls - 10/10 - Nice controls and gameplay. Pretty much perfect for pure BASIC.

Difficulty - 1/10 - The only real problem with this game is that the default levels are way too hard, hard to the point where someone with an IQ under 200 is nearly guaranteed to never be able to solve the first one. Fortunately the game lets you use other level sets, but still remains the fact that the included one is just too hard, if not impossible to solve even for experienced puzzle gamers. I spent weeks on the first default level then I gave up.

Speed - 9/10 - The game speed is pretty nice for BASIC. The only issue is that map loading is slow but it is not unbearable either.

Overall - if only the main level set was possible to use, I would give this game a 7/10 due to the extreme difficulty, but since using other level sets is possible, I give this a 9/10. A must download for puzzle fans, but for future versions, I would suggest toning down the difficulty of the default levels, to increase the game audience.

Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-02-24
I need one word to describe this game. How about "spectacular?"

This is the best BASIC game on the calculator out there. Mikhail Lavrov is a genius, especially with how he did the graphics. He uses completely customizable text characters, substrings, et cetera to not only bring down the size of this otherwise gigantic game to 8K, but also created something fully customizeable.

The graphics are the best thing this calculator has to offer. And since it doesn't depend on a library, such as XLib, it can be run in any shell, including MirageOS and Doors. Mikhail should totally post the secret to his genius on ticalc.org, and show the world how he does this text character trick and all of his other tricks (I can't decipher the source code).

The one complaint I have about this game is that the embedded levelset is FREAKIN' HARD. The first level (the one with the keys) requires precision and creative thinking that blows the average mind. The other levels follow suit. If you are not an avid puzzle guy, I would advise you to get a levelset from someone else, so you can play an easier game before taking on the harder levels. I like how the level select GUI works, though. Just like everything else in the game, it is beautiful.

Overall, a 9/10. This game will stay on your calc for all eternity, perhaps longer.

Review by  Thomas Dickerson
Reviewed on 2007-01-08
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is the most impressive pure BASIC game I have ever seen. You can completely customize the game to server almost any puzzling-purpose through the level+sprite editor (see the author's note), and the external level mechanism itself is pure genius.

Speed: 8/10 Blazing fast for pure Basic, especially on an SE. The only thing that's annoying is the brief map loading time.

Graphics: 10/10 They're beautiful, AND customizable.

Creativity: 6/10 The code itself is very creative. As for the concept, its another puzzle game, so its not THAT original, but hey--it's a great game.

Bonus: 10/10 No libs, it's pure Basic, and better than some of the ASM games here.

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