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Review by  Tyler Stank
Reviewed on 2009-03-16
This program is phenomenal. The ability to use flash drives to expand the memory of these calculators is a great one (and should have been thought of by Texas Instruments). Good thing we've got programmers like this to write this kind of software.

I have only one problem:

It cannot import or export *.8xk flash applications, the main memory hog on my calculator. The ability to carry more apps with me was the whole reason behind my downloading of this and paying money for an adapter.

Otherwise, it is great. The memory expansion is a wonderful thing, it only lacks the ability to transfer apps. With that ability, it would be perfect (in my opinion).

Also, if it does ever get support for transferring flash applications, another nice feature would be the ability to run them "on-the-fly," like it can MirageOS programs, if such a thing is at all possible.

Review by  Patrick Connor
Reviewed on 2007-02-06
This has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Having access to a computer-to-calc has never been easier. MSD8X is a must for ANY 84+ user, whether you are a gamer (play games on-the-fly, and with 100+MB storage!) or a programmer (archiving your work hasn't been easier). MSD8X is GREAT!

About the only minuses about it are a few bugs here and there. Whether it's with MSD8X or USBDRV8X I'm not sure. But, as it is development software, it can only get better!

Usability: 9/10 - The bugs made it hard for me to use my flash drive at first.

Interface: 10/10 - Simple, clean, and to-the-point. MSD8X gets the job done while keeping alot of functionality.

Usefulness: 2000!/10 - Flash drives on a calculator???? This is the most useful app you will ever find.


Review by  Nathan Ladwig
Reviewed on 2006-09-13
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is one of the most functional and useful programs that I have ever used. With the excpetion of too many files on my drive causing it to crash on exit and folder opening, I think that this is a petty good program.

Interface: 10/10
Bugs: 9.5/10
Sweetness: 6000/10

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