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Review by  Kerm Martian
Reviewed on 2007-05-11
This game is a unique mix of RPG and Arcade elements. In the meta-game, you advance through a series of 100 levels, gaining points and earning food. The minigames are what really make this fun; from frogger-style dodging to racing, they keep the pace of the game high. The graphics are also very well done, although they occasionally lag down gameplay as a whole.

Gameplay: 9/10

Size/Speed: 8/10

The graphics slow it down a hair.

Graphics/Controls: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

A very enjoyable game.

Review by  Roberto Sanchez
Reviewed on 2006-05-28
As the screenshots show, “Frog RPG” is an incredible pure BASIC program. The graphics are fantastic and there are many minigames to keep you busy when you are trying to reach level 100. The main menu screen has awesome graphics, the scrollable map has awesome graphics, the battles have awesome graphics, the whole thing consists of awesome graphics! Combine that with awesome gameplay and you have one heck of a game!

Controls: 10/10 Straightforward controls that are easy to pick up.
Gameplay: 9/10 Has many frog-themed games including a game similar to “Frogger”.
Graphics: 10/10 Incredible pure BASIC graphics.
Speed: 7/10 The time it takes to render graphics slightly lowers the quality.
Overall: 9/10 It also has an autosave feature so you don't have to mess with saving/loading. Download now!

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