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Review by  k aski
Reviewed on 2013-11-04
It says in the ReadMe that this works for TI-84+'s, however, I assume that is not true. Because this doesn't. It will just crash and reset the RAM on a TI-84+.

I think the author must have written it for a Silver Edition. I doubt this works on many other models.

Review by  Brendan Flanagan-Rosario
Reviewed on 2007-06-13
This is a great program. It has a practically flawless .wav converter, and still retains a fairly high quality. The songs are pretty huge, though, but that's mostly relative to the calculator's small amount of memory. Overall, I give it a 9/10.

Review by  Joseph garret
Reviewed on 2006-03-31
"Real Sound" is a very well created program, and you can convert your music to a format that lets you listen to it on your calc. I have seen the other imitators, but they all use mono midi beeps. This is the best I have ever seen. I recommend downloading it.

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