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Review by  Ben Nagy
Reviewed on 2007-12-11
I live for four things. One of those is Magic: the Gathering. An ingenious game, by Wizards of the Coast, this game has, for the most part, been reproduced for the calculator.

The game itself is flawless, a great system, and the program has no bugs. It can't beat the original, but it sure can get close.

It takes a while to get through all of the tournaments, but the mainproblem is that it is really hard to get any enjoyment out of it after a while. Eventually, you a deck that wins every time.

Regardless, you should at least try it out.

Speed: 10/10

Perfect speed with animations, etc.

Gameplay: 9/10

Extremely fun!

Replay: 5/10

It eventually gets old.

Graphics: 8/10

Amazing sprites!

Resources: 6/10

Big, but worth it.

Overall: 7/10

Okay game, could use improvements, but that's why it's a beta, right?

Review by  Gabriel Rath
Reviewed on 2006-12-22
"Wizards_Beta" is fantastic! I played it for a long time before I deleted it. Even now, I play the newest Wizards Demo update (visit RevSoft for details).

As far as I can remember:

Controls: 9/10 Sometimes pressed ALPHA too many times, sometimes pressed 2nd on the wrong card.

Gameplay: 8/10 It was a beta: only 4 decks to battle.

Graphics: 10/10 Good sprites, but seems somebody's ripping too many. :|

Memory: 9/10 Great big blob on a regular TI-83+, but not too bad on a Silver.

Replayability: 9/10 Four decks to choose from.

Overall: 9/10 Good beta.

Review by  Jonathan Hollenbeck
Reviewed on 2006-10-06
I downloaded "Wizards", played for several hours over a few days, and then turned it on to find that my save file was erased. I repeated, and it was erased again as soon as I played another MirageOS game. Besides that, the game was pretty fun.

Controls: 10/10-Can't get much better (or worse) in this, its a card game after all!
Replayability: 4/10-Once you beat a boss in this game, it becomes dreary to fight through all his minions and than fight him over and over.
Gameplay: 8/10-Pretty fun, but the monsters you fight are very repetitive and its not hard to know exactly what to do against them.
Originality: Its a copy of an older game, so I won't rate this

Overall: 7.3/10
Its an okay game, if you really like card RPGs you will probably like it. Do not play anything on MirageOS until you archive the wizard save! This is still not suggested as sometimes it still gets kicked off in case of RAM clear, but it will save you from instant loss.

Review by  Carlos Braga
Reviewed on 2005-11-16
I'm a hardcore MTG player and I strongly fight to depreciate all those maniac MTG-wannabee card games, but I have to give in and say this is a good job you've done here.

There are only two problems in the game:
1) The previously stated card erasing doesn't seem possible (at least in my 84+)
2) I played, enjoyed, saved, exited, but the game disappeared from my “Ion” program list. I checked and the “Wizsav1” file was 50kb+ in size; why? I deleted it, archived and unarchived the program, and it still doesn't work.

Apart from that is a great game!

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-15
“Wizards” is a great game. The way the game is set up is amazing. The graphics are awesome, and the game is a great idea. This game will start a new revolution for other assembly programmers out there. So if you want an amazing game, download this now!

Controls: 9/10 sometimes confusing
Memory: 8/10 big. 17k
Usage: 10/10 Really fun
Overall: 9/10 Try this

Review by  Paul Bellar
Reviewed on 2005-11-04
“Wizards” is simply incredible. I got 2 bugs: it crashes if you play with the save file archived and sometimes it does the “app var” thing that a previous reviewer mentioned. Other than that this is one of the most fun games I've played on a calculator. I talk to NanoWar (the author) a lot and he says the next version will be a 2 page app with 70 cards. Also, the archived save file bug is fixed.

Graphics: 10/10 - well ripped from the GB game Dragon Warrior Monsters. Who hasn't ripped a few sprites, eh? These are great.
Playability: 9/10 - I accidentally hit [ALPHA] more than I wanted (play the game to see what I mean), but other than that it is easy to learn and master
Replay Value: 10/10 - you can try to beat the game with each of the 4 decks and with different cards a nearly infinite number of times.
Overall: I give it 3 of my 3 fingers up for awesomeness.

Review by  Adam Butler
Reviewed on 2005-10-17
I looked at the game, and thought "A TCG with that little memory? It must be horrible!" I can't begin to tell you how wrong I was... and this is only the beta version!

Graphics 10/10- The Graphics are better then anything I've ever seen using a single color!

Gameplay 9/10- There are lots of different enemies, each constructed differently. It starts out with extremly easy enemies, but you'll have a really hard time trying to get past the 3dmg/20hp Knight at the end. Good luck; you'll need it.

Replayability 7.5/10- So it's not the most replayable game, but its still fun to keep. And as long as you're using an 84+ or higher, memory shouldn't be a problem.

Concept 10/10- Well, I haven't run into any other games like this; it's not just a copy of another game!

Overall 9.7/10- One of my favorite calc games, and I can't wait for the finished version.

Suggestions- My main recommendation is to add a two-player link battle mode. Other then that, congrats to the programmer(s).

Review by  S. Chang
Reviewed on 2005-10-14
Can you say, Awesome?

“Wizards” may begin a new age of trading card games on the calculator. From how much I've played this, the game seems virtually bug-less. The is a must have for your calculator. Unlike the many RPG's out there, this is a one of a kind game.

Graphics: 10/10 - Each card has its own graphic, and there are small animations, which don't take up too much time, so you can quickly play out the game. Everything is perfect and especially smooth.

Attention Span: 10/10 - Wow, I hurried and finished my work to play for the rest of the class. That must mean something. Usually RPG's capture my attention for only so long.

Ability to Pick up and Play: 9.5/10 - I picked this game up, and it only took a few minutes before I learned all the mechanics of the game. This game is truly easy to learn. The only drawback is when shopping for cards, you will not know what card it is unless you already have it.

Overall: 9.8 - Best game I've ever played. It doesn't have any risk of crashing or anything else bad. Just be careful not to hit [MODE] while you're in a battle. I've done it twice on accident and it exits you out without a chance to save.

Review by  Queso Grande
Reviewed on 2005-10-07
As a big fan of “Magic: The Gathering”, this game blew me away. The gameplay is just plain addicting. I could just sit there for ages and play this. On a scale of 1-5 this gets a 7, and I will be pulling out a link cable when I encounter another person with an 83+/84+ just so they can experience the greatness that is “Wizards”. If this is just the Beta, I can't wait for the full version.

Review by  Xero Xcape
Reviewed on 2005-10-05
“Wizards” will steal your soul! In about 20 minutes, I had already beaten the "Holy", "Toxic", and "Violence" decks, that left the "Xtra" deck... and that's what makes the game so great - that deck pushes the ability to really customize your deck to fit your enemy (e.g. having 5 "antidotes" when fighiting the toxic deck). And there's strategy out the ears with this game: "whether to play this card, or that one; wait for later to use your special ability; or maybe play that gives me Aether?"; then there's buying cards. Overall I'm still not done playing it and it won't be leaving my calc for a long time.

Graphics - 10/10 - Top notch ASM B&W
Gameplay - 10/10 - Best card game for the 8x.
Replay - 8/10 - Well, if you count the full version
Controlls - 9/10 - Keeps id all in one place
Overall - 42/40 - Has more that expected. It could pass as a full game.

Review by  Ren Ryuri
Reviewed on 2005-10-05
“Wizards” is a really good game for the TI. The graphics are pretty good; the layout of the “Deck” screen is pretty confusing at first, and it's not very easy to find what cards are in your deck and what aren’t. Other than that, this game is very original and I hope to see the full version soon.

I'm not sure if this is because of the TI-84 Plus, but sometimes, after you exit the program, the MirageOS APP variable suddenly becomes 17Kb big. Also, once you exit Mirage, you can't get back in without clearing the APP Variable.

Overall: 9/10

Review by  James D
Reviewed on 2005-10-03
Normally, I hate collectable card games, but this on-calc game is simple, easy to learn, and fun. Set up your deck, buy new cards, fight monsters using said cards, win cards and money, repeat.

Forget all the bonus cards and such, when this game gets two player mode, I'll rate this a 10/10.

My only complaints are:

  1. Lack of multiplayer (Link or otherwise.)
  2. Big filesize (Though still smaller then an app.)
  3. Major time sucker. (What? Class is over already?)
  4. The "mana" only gets upped one point every turn, and all the good cards seem to use 3 mana. So, this means three turns just hitting for one point, not using any skills, while the (more powerful) enemy lays into you, often killing you. It can get kind of frustrating.

Sound bad? It really isn't and all those complaints are pretty minor when you look at how fun the game is, regardless. Download it now, you'll be glad you did. The final version will totally be on my calculator.

Review by  Kilian Cooley
Reviewed on 2005-10-02
Great game! I enjoyed playing “Wizards” and it is certainly worthy of its “featured program” status. This game badly needs link play as fighting a calculator with enemies that seem to get better as you stay the same gets frustrating at times. Having aether return to "aether pool" instead of just disappearing after use would be good also.

Originality: 7/10-too similar to “MtG”
Graphics: 8/10-awesome considering that it is on a calculator
Gameplay: 10/10
Replayability: 7/10-gets boring after a few times
Overall: 8/10-If you've ever played “MtG”, then this is a must-play

Review by  Ray Saito
Reviewed on 2005-09-30
Wow. I typically don't write reviews for games, but this one was just too amazing to ignore...

Simple rules (Especially simple for anybody who's ever played MTG), relatively original game, large variety of cards to collect (At least for a calculator), nice graphics, smooth gameplay, and a promising 3 hours or so to beat the last boss ;-) If there’s one thing that's missing, it would be link play (This would greatly improve replayability) and maybe a bit more cards to collect.

Gameplay: 10
Smoothness: 10
Graphics: 10
Controls: 10
Memory: 9 (Big game, but worth it)
Replayability: 8

Review by  John Doe
Reviewed on 2005-09-28
There haven't been very many "card" games of this type on the calculator, so there isn't much to compare it with. But I play card games similar to this in real life, so I can say from experience that this game is very cool. The gameplay is fantastic; graphics on the card and on the points are smooth, and its overall feel is great. Since this is the beta version though, you would expect some improvement, and here are some problems I had with the game:

  1. As you keep playing, your deck size automatically drops steadily. I started with a deck size of 50 and it went down to 17.
  2. The enemy monster always gets stronger, but your monster doesn't. Even if you think very strategically, there's a limit to what your cards can do.
  3. It's too difficult to receive bonus cards.
  4. There's no multiplayer. Multiplayer would add a whole new dimension. You can trade cards and battle other people's decks.

Aside from those problems, I feel this game will be very popular. When the final release comes out, I hope the author will take my suggestions into consideration and make this an awesome game.

Review by  Dylan Baker
Reviewed on 2005-09-28
This game is brilliant. When the final version arrives, I am going to be blown away. “Wizards” is, to disregard quite a bit, a simplified version of “Magic: the Gathering”, as the author says. However, the game mechanics are totally original. The cards are all fully graphical, and there are, I believe, almost 30 different cards available in this beta. Then there are the battles themselves. Gameplay is rather straightforward, and can probably be figured out without the readme. You play through "tournaments", defeating enemies of increasing difficulty, until you beat the final boss for that tournament. Tougher enemies tend to give you rarer cards.

The downside: I'm not sure about this, but there seems to be no way to get rid of your cards. This could be a problem if you get too many copies of common cards; they will fill up your "Sideboard" and you won't have room for the rare cards.

Originality: 12/10 - well, duh!
Graphics: 9/10 - a bit difficult to discern, but excellent considering the resolution limitations.
Gameplay: 10/10 - see Originality.
Speed: 8/10 - there is a slight delay when scrolling your collection, due to the text output.
Overall: 10.25/10 - Download this game now.

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