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Review by  Kilian Cooley
Reviewed on 2005-11-14
The concept of “Ultimate Pong” is certainly unusual: having to control 4 paddles instead of two and trying to trap the ball instead of just keeping it in motion make this game both challenging and fun. I would like to see the gameplay improved, but aside from that this is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the original “Pong”.

Gameplay-8/10 Slightly choppy, could use some improvement
User-friendliness-9/10 Goes along with gameplay
Everything else is superb. Great job!

Review by  Donald Straney
Reviewed on 2005-07-30
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This isn't your typical “Pong” game - instead of just one paddle, you control paddles on all four sides of the screen. It's a very interesting idea, but unfortunately the game is choppy and slow (at least on my TI-83 Plus, it might work better on a Silver). Both the graphics and controls are decent. It's too bad that it “Ultimate Pong” was not written to run faster, as I would happily play an updated version.

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