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Review by  drew notteling
Reviewed on 2008-07-24
Overall, this was a really nice program, but, being in BASIC, the speed is mediocre at best. It has decent graphics, but the small screen limits how far they can really go. I'm kind of disappointed that the menus and the like weren't Doors CS style, however.

Graphics: 8/10

Speed: 6/10

Fun: 9/10

Other: 7/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Review by  Thomas Dickerson
Reviewed on 2006-05-30
“World Domination I” is an excellent “Risk” clone for the 83, 83+ and 86 series calculators. The game play while not fast per se (its pure TI-Basic), is certainly not sluggish. As a strategy game it has good replay value. The graphics aren't anything special, but they are definitely enough that you can tell what is going on, and make efficient use of the limited screen real estate available.

Replayability 10/10 –it’s “Risk”, what more do you want?
Graphics 7/10 --pretty good. nice use of screen real estate
Speed 4/10 --speedy for pure Basic, but not particularly fast
Stability 10/10 --I experienced no crashes or bugs
Overall 7.5/10 --good job Kerm.

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