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Computer on a space ship


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Filename thisspace.zip (Download)
Title Computer on a space ship
Description You are the computer on a space ship and as such must lead the dimwitted crew to victories against enemies. You also have allies you can help, planets, and stars a plenty.
Author Lawrence Matheson (opinionsrgood@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Collections)
File Size 26,802 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jan 15 04:17:36 2005
Documentation Included? No


Review by  Vernon Marshall
Reviewed on 2007-12-17
'This Space' is actually a collection of small games and math applications.

  • In 'A World', the object is to get your X to the center of a graph screen, reaching the M there before being touched by an approaching "Evil O". Simple on level 1, impossible after that until a bug lets you move through the O and get to the center.

  • 'Bounce' is a text-graphic remake of an old Breakout clone, where you are popping balloons, this time by bouncing a pixel instead of a clown. Arrow keys move the paddle, missing the ball results in the message "DEAD", and a restart.

  • 'FightBet' is a game about the world of prize fighting, and lets you play as either a gambler, betting on fights and sabotaging the competition, or as the manager of a fighter, feeding, and entertaining your fighter.

    Betting went well, with a nice stat sheet and ASCII graphic fight scenes, and managing was even better, until it came time for a fight, and the game crashed.

  • 'Computer Logo'. A collection of 'games' that quit working after the first time I ran it. The options were:

    • Play Game- flashes a screen with the stats "Fitness", "Fun", and "Bladder", and returns to the main menu.

    • Research - an even quicker flash, this time with nothing obvious on it.

    • Stock Market - The only thing in this one resembling a game, Stock Market has 3 options, Buy, Sell, and End. The single stock price is a rapidly changing random number under that, followed by the number of stocks you own, and your cash.

    • Order Food-Ordering 'Two Dollar Meals' results in the message "We've cleaned out your account, sucker!" ...obviously not a 5-star resturant. Restarting the game didn't bring my money back. Oh well.

    • also, Restart, and Shut Down.

  • In 'Robot World', you try to earn as much money as you can in a week by buying and outfitting robot workers, and putting them to work in factories. There are two jobs the robots can perform, either standard 'Worker' duty, or factory security as a 'Soldier'. Upgrading the Processor, Leg, and Arm strength of your robots will improve their efficiency, and earn money faster, enabling you to buy more factory space, and more robots. This is an all-text game that moves along fairly quickly.

  • 'Space' is the title program in this pack, simulating starship operation from a screen of rapidly changing diagnostics.


    • L- Fire Laser. Simple enough, damages the current enemy you're fighting.

    • B- Fire Bombs, from your limited supply.

    • T- Attempt to extract energy from the enemy, but beware, the process can be reversed!

    • D- Fire Death Ray...your program warns you that this is dangerous, and rarely works.

    • F- Repair ship's systems.

    • P- Set Power Drive speed.

    • G- Send a Lander to the surface of current planet. Don't try this when orbiting a sun.

  • 'Surds'. Not a game, obviously :) How'd that get in here?

  • 'Theta vs Pi' is a Mario-style text-graphic game in which you collect o's while jumping on the occasional pi or asterisk, making your way to the Boss Pi. 20 files in this one, run 'Theta' to start.

  • In 'War', you are "the Leader of a Great Land Mass! Your duty is clear, to set up an Army, and a Work Force, then lead your Army to victory against your enemies! To do this, you'll need to go to the market and buy some supplies. " (!??!)

    Well, Great Leader, you start your shopping trip with 500 gold. Workers cost 100, soldiers cost 150, and a seige (engine) costs 300.

    Outside of the Market, you can buy and sell food or iron, ask for aid from your neighboring countries, attack your enemies, repair your walls, equip your armies with the latest in armor, or just sit back and watch a time-lapse of your countries' stats.

Overall, a fairly interesting collection of BASIC games, mostly based on older versions. I'll keep 'Space', 'Robot World', and 'War', possibly hanging on to 'FightBet' and correcting those bugs.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
space/SPACE.8xp   7308
Bounce/BOUNCE.8xp   640
Fightbet/FIGHTBET.8xp   11016
Life/COMPUTER.8xp   1560
Life/LIFE.8xp   6164
Life/OUTSIDE.8xp   2060
Robot/ROBOT.8xp   3396
Aworld/AWORLD.8xp   696
Surds/MOO.8xp   884
Theta Vs Pi/PI.8xp   452
Theta Vs Pi/THEPLACE.8xp   640
Theta Vs Pi/THEPLACZ.8xp   456
Theta Vs Pi/THETA.8xp   1332
Theta Vs Pi/X.8xp   168
Theta Vs Pi/XBLOCK.8xp   196
Theta Vs Pi/XCOIN.8xp   208
Theta Vs Pi/XCREATE.8xp   1020
Theta Vs Pi/XEND.8xp   428
Theta Vs Pi/XFLOAT.8xp   352
Theta Vs Pi/XHORSE.8xp   108
Theta Vs Pi/XHORSE2.8xp   196
Theta Vs Pi/XJUMP.8xp   196
Theta Vs Pi/XKINGPI.8xp   572
Theta Vs Pi/XLOAD.8xp   436
Theta Vs Pi/XPAUSE.8xp   148
Theta Vs Pi/XSPACE.8xp   136
Theta Vs Pi/XSPIKE.8xp   356
Theta Vs Pi/XSTAND.8xp   276
Theta Vs Pi/XZ.8xp   360
War/WAR.8xp   4548

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