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Review by  Christopher Chancellor
Reviewed on 2006-10-11
"Amerika Online v1.5 Special Edition Optimized" left much to be desired. The program excelled in its superior emailing system, although it crashes when the email is undefined (the program only puts one email in the strings, leaving the two other email slots out and producing an error message when you try to read them). However, it lacks something vital to any fake AOL program: fake Internet.

Putting that aside, though, it gives a very realistic performance when connecting to the Internet, and the same goes for the password protection (when someone's not trying to hack in, soon to find out that it accepts anything you type). The program has a mediocre user-friendliness, which will confuse some of the more novice users about why they can't check email numbers 2 and 3. When it was first created, I'm sure it was considered very original, but there were many look-alikes soon to follow. I would recommend this program to those that like playing tricks on people or have too much free time.

My overall rating: 6/10

Review by  Heidi Smith
Reviewed on 2004-10-24
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Overall, “Amerika Online” does not have much purpose. However, it is very cool and is fun to trick my friends with. Also, it has awesome graphics. You should check it out. I don't know whether or not I would keep it on my calculator for a long time because it uses a lot of memory. But it sure is fun to play with.

“Amerika Online” is very original. I have never seen anything like it. The program is very easy to operate and I feel it is user-friendly. However, it occasionally causes a “Memory Overflow” error. I would like to see an update that allows for me to “mail” myself, run more quickly, and have no “Memory Overflow” errors. I would recommend the program to anyone who just wants to see awesome graphics and trick their friends. I give it about an 8.5/10 for the APP, mainly due to graphics, and a 7/10 for real usage, mainly because it has no purpose other than having some fun.

Overall Rating is 7.75/10.

Review by  Kerm Martian
Reviewed on 2004-10-16
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is one of the more pointless Apps that I have run across. It supposedly simulates America Online, but its only purpose is to fool one's friends/acquaintances. Contrary to appearances, it is actually a BASIC program that has been built into an App using “BasicBuilder,” and I feel it is a gross misuse of that program. Don't bother to download this unless you have 17000 of ROM to waste.

Graphics: 4/10
Usefulness: 1/10
Originality: 2/10
Speed: 3/10
Overall: 2.5/10 [Don't bother]

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