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Wolfenstein 3D Tech Demo 1


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Filename wolftest.zip (Download)
Title Wolfenstein 3D Tech Demo 1
Description This is just a TEST for Wolfenstein 3D for the TI-89 [Titanum], 92+, & Voyage 200. The main purpose of me releasing this is, it's just been sitting on my hard drive for a while, and hopefully someone will want to continue it (I doubt I have the time/ motivation to.) Implemented things: Splash screen, first four levels, OBJECTS (health/tables/etc) in first 4 levels, Simple score support. NOT implemented: The main thing not implemented is ENEMIES. However, I do have all of the graphics converted already, and in small oncalc files ready to go. Mainly the AI for the enemies is what needs to be done. Also, the levels should be read from external files, the splash screen should be in an external file, etc, but those things are trivial. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN CONTINUING THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have full source code, tools, the original game and that source code, graphics and on-calc GFX data files, etc. Thanks.
Authors Malcolm Smith (m@malcolm-s.net)
Scott Noveck (noveck@njcc.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (First-person Shooters)
File Size 246,437 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Nov 4 23:28:42 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
92p_v200/fatlib.9xy   55057
92p_v200/wolf3d.9xy   17768
92p_v200/wolf3d.9xz   2010
92p_v200/wolfgfx1.9xy   59505
92p_v200/wolfobj.9xy   51945
src/ceilfloor.h   1491
src/copygame.bat   106
src/defs.h   4406
src/doors.h   11807
src/e1l1.h   33496
src/e1l2.h   33496
src/e1l3.h   33496
src/e1l4.h   33496
src/enemies.h   67080
src/extgraph.a   56628
src/extgraph.h   28225
src/extrand.a   19500
src/extrand.h   2469
src/fat.h   39271
src/floors.h   1114
src/hitpoints.h   2011
src/indices.h   7173
src/i_bj.h   799
src/i_dog.h   2060
src/i_fakehit.h   871
src/i_fat.h   801
src/i_ghost.h   433
src/i_gift.h   741
src/i_gretel.h   869
src/i_guard.h   2064
src/i_hans.h   865
src/i_mechahit.h   1503
src/i_mutant.h   2129
src/i_officer.h   2068
src/i_rockets.h   1249
src/i_schabbs.h   1060
src/i_ss.h   2058
src/i_wolfgfx1.h   3771
src/i_wolfobj.h   3328
src/player.h   3662
src/spriteindices.h   165
src/sprite_exec.h   8300
src/sprite_init.h   9068
src/testlev.h   24871
src/titlescreen.h   25156
src/utils.c   9638
src/wolf3d.c   9813
src/wolf3d.tpr   1931
ss/wolf6.gif   1043
ss/wolf7.gif   983
ss/wolf8.gif   918
readme.txt   1741
89/fatlib.89y   54277
89/wolf3d.89y   17768
89/wolf3d.89z   2010
89/wolfgfx1.89y   59505
89/wolfobj.89y   51945

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