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Review by  michael kang
Reviewed on 2015-04-12
Good game even though I'm on Chapter 6... :(

Controls 10/10 can't make it easier

gameplay 10/10 AWESOME!

speed 5/10 bosses have too much health... it took me 25 minutes defeating one of them

storyline 10/10 awesome creating side quests to get to the main quest

Overall 9/10 awesome game a MUST download!!

Review by  Pedro Miguel Pereira
Reviewed on 2007-10-10
Excellent game! One of the must play. Great story, various spells, I dare to say that it has more spells than some FF games. It's awesome.

The only problem is the memory bug. As some users say, when it try to save and theres not enough memory it resets the game to level one, very annoying, especially cause the chapter 3 takes a lot of memory, you have to have the game exclusively installed on your calc, unless you have a SE.

I hope that will be improved in a future version.

If they manage to get greyscale to it, even better.

Controls - 10/10 Easy to understand

GamePlay - 9/10 Has turn-based battles a little "side quests"

Graphics - 9/10 Great, 10/10 if greyscale

Story - 10/10

Replay Value - 8/10 Download this masterpiece and try it out for yourself!

Overall - 10/10

Review by  Jonathan Hollenbeck
Reviewed on 2007-01-31
Wow! This is the greatest RPG in TI Calc History you will ever play, unless the author makes another.

Controls-10/10, controls are easy understand, up means go up, left means go left...etc. You can talk with 2nd, and access your menu with alpha.

Story-11/10 It is a great storyline with many complications everywhere. There is not really one main story line, because it keeps changing, but there are seven related stories for each chapter. There are a ton of quests for each chapter, where one thing leads to another side quest, etc. Best of all, the story line was very interesting. It keeps you interested.

Graphics-11/10 They are amazing, the character is not limited to block movement, where you move from square to square, which has not been a characteristic of any RPG I have played. The character actually looks like he is walking.

Gameplay-11/10 For the most part, you will not have to do a lot of training to beat the bosses until Chapter 7, the story line takes you long enough that you can train. I loved how the engine actually randomly spawns monsters at any point in time instead of when you move. The fighting style is quite easy to use.

Bugs-7/10 This is the only bad part of the game. You will not experience these bugs unless you don't have enough memory though. The author tried really hard to not allow "cheating", so the main engine only allows you to use chapters which are in the same place in the story as you are in the main engine. If you have too many programs, it will RAM clear, and you will have to start the chapter over. Thats okay, its mostly fun anyway, but if you only have about 25 bytes of RAM when you start the program and you finish a chapter the game will crash and you will need to start all over again! If you make sure you have memory, however, these bugs won't affect you.

Overall-10/10 The best RPG for TI Calc ever made.

Review by  Gabriel Rath
Reviewed on 2006-12-21
Even though the author does not seem to like his creation (according to the readme) this RPG is overall one of the best I've played for my TI-83+ Silver. Graphics are stunning. Gameplay is fast and intriguing. The storyline has some unique aspects.

Controls: 10/10

Unlike many other games, controls for the game are easy. Perfect score.

Gameplay: 9/10

The beginning is kind of hard (until Paladin's Scrolls, that is), and the end is very repetitive. I had to level up Lelani tons of times to get enough HP against Ashgan, and then she became invincible with 2000+ MP and level 12 History.

Storyline: 9/10

Some cliches, but hey, most TI RPG's dont even have side-quests!

Graphics: 9/10

Stunning graphics! However, I was a little bummed about the spell graphics.

Memory: 8/10

I was a little frustrated about always needing to download the next chapter, so I put them all on in the archive.

Bugfreeness: 8/10

Only ones I know of are not being able to get Dwarven Runes and some other spells, on chapter 6 I started inside the castle, not outside, and on all chapters, there is a section on the top of the map which is all messed up.

Overall: 8.8/10

If not for the bugs and memory usage, this would have recieved almost perfect score. A nice game nonetheless.

Review by  Chris Ignitino
Reviewed on 2005-09-02
Even though I tend to shy away from memory hogging RPG's, “Verdante Forest” amazed me.

The start of the game is a bit slow, since it takes forever to kill the first few enemies and level up (you constantly miss your attacks) but once you get past this first block, the game is all downhill. I spent several hours alone on the first chapter in the game - and there are a total of 7, intriguing, fun chapters.

The graphics are excellent, and I never ran into any major bugs. The story is very interesting, and keeps my interest. Leveling up is a fun and easy process, as long as you update your “spirit” early so that you don't always miss attacks.

Overall “Verdante forest” is a very fun, addicting RPG for the calc. Just give it a try. Download it.

Review by  Conget Ngan
Reviewed on 2005-05-18
“The Verdante Forest” is a great game, with beautiful characters and animation.

Graphics: Very nice graphics are incredible; it is not slow at all. Most programs are quite slow if it has a lot of animation. But this one isn't. Score: 90

Story: The storyline is not very bad. It tells from beginning till the end. The only thing is that the game is "too short". Score: 75

Bugs: I could see the game maker is trying to resolve the bugs. But there are just too many of them. I have found 3 bugs already. (Not small ones) Score: 60

Gameplay: This game will not get you bored. It is quite exciting. Only in the end, you had to train a lot, and there are not many things to discover, so it is not much fun comparing the other episodes with the last chapter. Score: 70

Review by  Daniel Goldsmith
Reviewed on 2005-05-02
"The Verdante Forest" is the most complete ASM RPG ever released, and clearly the author put a ton of effort into this amazing production. From the size of the game (it took me more than 6 hours to get to the end of chapter 6) to the great story, this is one game you won't want to miss.

Graphics: 10/10 - It's not grayscale, but it's still beautiful
Control: 10/10 - Logical design choices
Story: 10/10 - It's not often that such a deep calculator RPG appears
Design: 10/10 - TVF is the most customizable RPG for TI calcs
Bugs: 5/10 - Ouch. The game really runs very smoothly, but there are a couple of serious problems that, sadly, resulted in me not being able to finish the game
Overall: 8/10 - If not for the bugs, it would be absolutely perfect. But this is still the best ASM RPG. Period.

Review by  N G
Reviewed on 2005-04-06
First off, let me say that I wish there were more games like “The Verdante Forest” for the calc and that I hope the programmer will make a sequel, or another game like it. Now to the review:

Graphics: 10/10
Easy to understand, pretty to look at, about as good as it gets for an 83+. Nice special effects and animation.

Story: 10/10
Not your typical "something bad has happened, go fix it" RPG. Basically, an evil tyrant takes over a city; you go and kill him, but in the process get stuck in a time portal. Upon rescuing yourself, you return to find your town destroyed and your father dead and it goes on. Enough to keep me interested.

Gameplay: 10/10
If you like the original “Final Fantasy”, then you'll like this. You get new spells, weapons, armor, and other cool things. Combat is fun and is also a decent challenge.

Overall this game is very good, although there are a few issues with saving your game. You MUST have extra RAM free before starting a game because if the game does not quit properly, you’re screwed (you have to start over). If you get a MEMORY ERROR, you will also lose your game. These are only minor annoyances, unless you know how to avoid them (I didn't).

Final Score: 9.8/10

Review by  Matt Weir
Reviewed on 2005-01-21
“The Verdante Forest” is the best RPG I've played on any calculator! I love that it is fully written in ASM and has a stat distributing system.

Graphics: 9.5/10 -- I hate when Mirage messes up the screen! Otherwise, the graphics are awesome and the scrolling was fast enough for me!

Gameplay: 8/10 -- The gameplay is superb, except for the fact that I always seem to miss and that makes the battles very long. So don't expect this to be a game you can beat quickly. I do like the “Final Fantasy-like” battle engine though.

Controls: 10/10 -- Easy to just pick up and play!

Replay value: 9/10 -- I loved playing it the second time, as you don’t always have to beat it the same way!

Final Rating: 9.25/10 -- This game is a must for all the serious RPG lovers and even some that just want to check it out for its awesome graphics!

Review by  Tim Chan
Reviewed on 2005-01-04
“Verdante Forest RPG” is truly worth all the time that was spent in making it. In seven chapters, you are guaranteed at least nine hours of gameplay, assuming you only care about beating the game quickly. It also includes the point distributing system to increase your stats, something that only a few calc RPGs have.

Controls - 10/10 Easy to understand
GamePlay - 9/10 Has turn-based battles a little "side quests"
Graphics - 10/10 Great
Story - 10/10
Replay Value - 8/10 Download this masterpiece and try it out for yourself!

Review by  Dennis Tseng
Reviewed on 2004-12-29
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This will hopefully become known as one of the best 83+ RPGs of all time. This program has been in progress for a long time. As a beta tester of the game, I can say that so many improvements have been seen.

The graphics are top notch for the calculator. The author could make it better only by making it grayscale. 10/10

Difficulty: This game replicates what real fighting would be more than most console turn-based RPGs. Namely, it's harder to impossible to hit a monster that is higher level than you. The enemies get harder as you level up. While this seems more realistic, I must admit, it's kind of annoying sometimes. 9/10

Gameplay: Fun! Quests are cool, the speed of the program is good (although there is slowdown when there are lots of animated graphics), and battles are usually quick. Magic used to be impossible to cast when a high level, now it's balanced and good! 9/10

Total Score: 9/10 Great Game!

Review by  Shawn Zhang
Reviewed on 2004-11-04
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is a pretty good RPG for the 83+/84+. I haven't seen an RPG even close to its greatness. However, there are some problems. The combat experience system has some stability issues. Once I got 124 XP for killing a monster, but a bit later I got 1 XP for killing three of them! There are some issues with accuracy too. I'm level 30 and I just can’t seem to hit the enemies. Besides that, this is a pretty solid RPG with very detailed graphics and simple controls (though I was stuck for a while trying to quit :).

Rating: 7/10, 4/10 for coding.

Review by  Floyd Maseda
Reviewed on 2004-08-24
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is the best game (not just RPG) for the TI-83+/SE that I have seen in a long time, if not ever! The graphics are awesome and the story is one of the best ever! The battling is awesome and after you get your HP level way up, you can destroy the villains with ease. I am on level 12 already and I beat the main boss in “Chapter 1” in two hits! The super level up system makes the game even better as well! I like how you get to change what part of the person you want to like strength, defense, agility, and some other thing stat.

This is by far a must download, and on a scale of 1-10, I rate this a 10.5!

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-08-14
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This, without a doubt, is the best RPG for the TI-83/+ there is! Everything about it is great. The sprites are beautifully drawn, considering the screen resolution, and move smoothly. The battle engine is great, as well as the level up system. Being able to choose what aspect of your character you want to improve is a great feature rarely seen on calculator RPGs. Even the story is superb. And if you beat it, don't despair, there are five more chapters on the way!

Graphics: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Overall: 10/10 (stop reading this and download it!)

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