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Review by  Julian V.
Reviewed on 2010-03-04
Defend The Castle is actually a pretty decent game. When I downloaded it, I half expected an awesome title screen followed by a ASCII graphics based game. This game pulled through to feature almost everything from the actual XGen Studios game of similar name we all played at one point. You squish enemies instead of tossing them, which is a little unresponsive at times. The graphics are pretty good, except the attackers are letters (A for Attacker, G for Giant, etc.) The game is also big in size, a whoping 10k! Unfortunately, the game is BASIC so the speed is terrible after playing the game extensively. You can only enjoy it until you run out of patience. I would say this game is worth the download.

Gameplay: 7/10

Graphics: 8/10

Speed: 5/10

Size: 8/10

Replay: 6/10

Overall Rating: 7/10 (Rounded Up...)

Review by  David Arrington
Reviewed on 2006-01-12
“Defend The Castle” is a very well done game, especially for one written in Basic. It takes a little bit after you press the buttons for it to do anything, but you get used to it quickly. This would be an awesome game if it was written in assembly, but for now I will give it an 8/10. Great game!

Review by  nathan stoltenberg
Reviewed on 2004-08-27
“Defend the Castle” is a very fun game where you try to defend your castle from the invading army. Using the calculator keys, you have to try and click the appropriate spot on the grid to squash a guy. You can also temple and convert guys to archers, wizards, repairmen, and suicidal guys. The game makes for a great time-killer. I recommend “Defend the Castle” for anyone with lots of time to use up.

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