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Review by  mark sutton
Reviewed on 2004-11-04
This is a really cool program! I found the first thing I could find with a UPC Code (toothpaste :D), and put in its 12-digit number, went to the place I bought the toothpaste, and, it scanned it as toothpaste! Very good program, good work on it!

Review by  Samuel Shores
Reviewed on 2004-05-22
This is and interesting and unique program. You enter a UPC number, and the label is generated. It's not necessarily useful, but learning how to decode a UPC is fun. Go to www.howstuffworks.com/upc.htm to learn what all those lines mean. Overall, I rate “UPC Generator” a 7 for originality and piquing my interest enough to make me look it up.

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