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Review by  Gandalf White
Reviewed on 2006-01-12
“Program Manager” is a very nice program. It's a lifesaver for me.

One thing I would have added was being able to scroll in the list and modifying file properties from the list. Searching each time is a pain.

Otherwise, it allows you to hide programs by adding an invalid character in the front of the name. Doesn't show the program at all in the [PRGM] button menu or the [MEM] menu at all, but “Mirage” still reads them fine, you just have to look to the description for the name, as the original has a bad first character.

Only downfall is you can't hide the program as it runs, because that leads to bad things, but an easy workaround is load it in twice, and the second time just rename it at the prompt. Then run the second program to hide the first, and then delete the second one. That leaves you with a blank “prgms” list and you can still run the manager through Mirage.

Great work! 9/10

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-26
This is the best and most functional program manager I have ever seen. It can archive/unarchive, hide/unhide/, protect/unprotect, delete programs, and it has a list of all of the programs, and it tells if they are hidden, archived, or locked. There are no letdowns with this program, and this is the only program manager I will ever need. Try this program manager, and you won't ever need another.

Controls-10/10 Don't know how it could be easier
Memory-10/10 Really small
Usage-10/10 Nice interface, functionality
Overall-10/10 The best program manager out there!

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