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Review by  matthew mcdevitt
Reviewed on 2009-05-07
I am relatively experienced programmer and I have played this game all the way through and I would like to say

1. game play: IT IS GREAT the whole walking around and having a battle system that works is cool in all but all the maps are the same and the XP system is very slow (lvl 9 to lvl 10 takes for EVER)

2. overall fun-ness: its a time killer. I would playing it in a boring math class (you are supposed to have calculators there) but other than that game play moves very slow

3. use of calculator: from a programmer stand point I have a few questions. 1. whats with all the programs, I have attempted RPGs before and I understand that that is not a pic and takes allot of work to draw like that but are all the other programs necessary? like the game takes the entire RAM except what is needed to play. 2. why is every map the same except for the monsters? just asking...

I would recommend this game because it is fun and has a good length. but if you write games or have a bunch of others I would wait until you are bored with those before you play this game.

Review by  Paul Bellar
Reviewed on 2005-11-04
“Diablo” is a fun game, but it is not actually similar to the PC version. I still liked how it played and the speed was impressive for a BASIC game. It had no bugs (that I found anyway) and did not have any of those memory leaks BASIC games are famous for.

Graphics: 6/10 - 3 points for having them and 3 for not clearing the screen every frame
Playability: 10/10 - very easy to learn how to play
Fun Factor: 7/10 - it is fun and it becomes increasingly harder to keep the game interesting, but the repetitive dungeon layout wears you down
Overall: I give it 2 of my 3 fingers up - Download this if you want to play a good BASIC game and whittle away some time.

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