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Review by  Sam Heald
Reviewed on 2004-10-28
Attention span: 7/10 Cool challenging puzzle game, but no external levels.
Controls: 5/10 No pause button, REALLY sucks.
Implementation: 8/10 Very good gameplay, but there is no pause key so once you start you can't stop.
Overall: 8/10 Not as good as the 83 version, but better than most games.

This game was originally made on the TI-83 by Joe Wingbermuehle. It was later ported to the 82 by Ilya Winham. The object of the game is very simple: Get rid of all the blocks! This task is accomplished in a way sort of like Breakout except now you control the ball. The ball bounces up and down without stopping, and you maneuver it with the left and right arrow keys. This is not as easy as it sounds. There is a timer, and you can't simply remove blocks by hitting them. You first need to hit a special kind of block which determines the pattern of the block you can remove. There are blocks with crosses on them that if you hit them, you die.

I'm not a real big fan of puzzle games, but I really enjoyed Diamonds. The game is fast-paced and enjoyable. I liked the fact that the timer factored into your score. You quickly learn to develop "short-cuts" in beating the levels faster and faster. My only real complaint about Diamonds 82 is the lack of a pause key. The game doesn't stop till you run out of guys(not even when you lose a life). The 83 version has some nicer features like external levels and more blocks, but I'm sure an 82 version will be made with those features as well, eventually.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-09-05
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-10/10 Outstanding
Graphics-9/10 Superb
Speed-9/10 Superb
In “Diamonds,” you control a ball with the arrow keys. Your objective is to hit each one of the tiles with your ball, though there is (as the author said) a "twist:" you must hit the tiles at certain points in the game. It may sound complicated, but this is not a hard game. The rules are very easy to learn and understand. Each tile has its own unique look and function, which makes the game easier to see and play. In addition, there are many levels, so the game lasts a long time. Any fan of a “Breakout” type game should love this game. Have Fun and Happy Downloading!

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