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Review by  Stephen Jenkins
Reviewed on 2009-03-01
"AOE" takes a lot of memory, and the interface is hard to learn. It does not have a single player mode, but otherwise has good graphics and is a fun game. When compared to the original "AOE", it has better graphics and a multiplayer option. The multiplayer is nice if you have a calculator to calculator link cable, and a friend with a calculator to play with. When you archive this program, it will come up with a message saying archived. Archive everything, reset, unarchive, and it works again. It is good for a TI 83-plus SE and 84-plus & 84SE. The game can be slow in places, but usually is quick. Generally a so-so game.

Review by  Jesko Roos
Reviewed on 2006-01-31
When I compared the old "AOE2: The Age of Calcs" with the new one, I noticed that the author changed a lot. The graphics are really better and there are lots of new features in the "gold edition". If there were a single player mode, I would probably give this game is a 10/10.

I also don't know why the author was not able to provide an AI-enemy (even if it would have been only a moderate one; its better to have a bad single player than to have none at all)

In short, I would say that if you have a friend with a 83+/84+ and a little bit time, download it. Otherwise, don't.

Graphics: 9/10 nearly perfect
Gameplay (Multiplayer): 10/10 could not be better
Memory: 4/10
Overall: 7/10 MUCH better than the last time, but no single player, and the game takes lots of RAM.

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