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Review by  Nathan Ladwig
Reviewed on 2006-08-08
“uLtra TOurnaMent II” is one of the best games I have ever seen. This game is better than many ASM games I have found. The graphics are amazing, the speed is pretty good (could be better if it was converted to ASM though). I love playing this. Great Job! The only problem I have is that the AI isn't very intelligent.

Graphics-12/10 – Wow!
Gameplay-9-10 - Bad AI
Controls-10-10 - really easy to learn
Speed-7-10 Kind of slow, but then again this is BASIC

Review by  Andrew Lundeen
Reviewed on 2004-07-29
This game has fantastic graphics, but miserable gameplay; this is all you really need to know. The gameplay on a normal TI-83+ is slow, due to all of the information loading. On a SE or TI-84+, the load is not quite as bad. When you first load it up, you will be impressed by the graphics. Programmed completely in BASIC, this is an impressive undertaking. However, after encountering the first enemy, you will say to yourself, "Why should I beat this? I quit." I guarantee this. There is nothing that lures you in right away. The only plausible reason to play the game is to see the incredible graphics. Again, these were designed quite well. But you can not build a game around graphics and add the battle system later.

Kerm obviously spent an awful lot of time and energy making this game, and he is to be commended. However, you will find fun only by looking at the graphics for the first five minutes.

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