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Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-09-20
“Antrun” is a unique game for the 83. You have to move an ant (a pixel) across many platforms. The game is only about 1000 bytes, which makes it very small. And it is also a good puzzle game. But I think it is kind of boring and tough for beginners. It is a good game for people who think they are the best. Download this if you want to be puzzlified.

Controls: 7/10 glitchy sometimes
Memory: 9.5/10 small
Usage: 8/10 not the most exciting game
Overall: 8/10 a good puzzler

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-08-25
“Antrun” is an alright game. It's not that fun, but if you're really bored or you've tried every other 83/84 game on ticalc.org (I have), what the heck, try it out!

Graphics: 6/10. The graphics fit the game's style perfectly. In a word: Adequate.

Control: 9/10. Nothing amazing, but the controls work fine for what it's trying to accomplish. In a word: Adequate.

Gameplay: 3/10 The gameplay is okay. Not great, just okay. In a word: No.

Replay Value: 10/10. If you like “Antrun,” you'll always like it. There's just nothing in the game that doesn't completely change each time through, except the control scheme. In a word: miracle of modern creativity.

Overall: Adequate.
I had some fun the first 2 times I played through it, then I realized how utterly pointless and lacking this game is in any type of features (It has none!).

Review by  Jason Malinowski
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
- - - Quick Comments - - -

Pros: Original Gameplay, Small

Cons: Key Response Problems, Boring (for some)

Rating: 5 / 10

- - - Full Review - - -

The concept of Ant Run is simple. To summarize, your goal is to guide the ant, represented by a single pixel, through the playing field made up of tiles. Each tile has a path through it, either a straight line, a 90-degree turn, or a cross. However, the paths won't necessarily connect between tiles, so you have to rotate tiles to make sure they do. When the ant passes through a tile, the tile is removed. It's enough to keep you interested for awhile, although it could use some sort of a starting difficulty option, possibly by speeding up the game, as it's very easy to have a huge path of 20+ tiles setup correctly when the game starts, just waiting for the ant to pass through them. It'll get harder later, but you may have lost interest by then. Who wants to go through a 10 minutes of boredom before getting to something interesting when you could offer the option to skip it?

Although the game scores points with this simple gameplay (at least more interesting than your classes might be), the implementation is rather poor. Key response was downright awful, as it only reacts to around every other keypress, although sometimes it might miss three or four keypresses in a row. Sometimes a single key press will do the action twice in a row. I had assumed that it was something with my calculator, but my friends also had the same issue, even with Silver Editions. There's nothing more annoying than a game that you lost simply because it didn't respond to the keypress -- and this has happened to me quite a few times.

Overall, gameplay isn't captivating (at least in my opinion, some in my school have found it fun), but for less than a kilobyte of size I'll leave it on my calculator, just in case if I've already played through every other game that day during class. Still, the problems with key response and lack of difficulty options can make the game very frustrating from time to time -- enough to convince you to go to a different game. Once these are fixed, I'd recommend it to almost anyone. If they aren't fixed, however, I'd only say download this game if your trying to find a game that's original to pass your time.

Review by  Keith Pierce
Reviewed on 2004-02-11
Originality- 8/10 ********

Graphics- 6/10 ******

Play- 10/10 **********

This game is a fun game to play, but after awhile it may start getting old. Its some what hard because the ant is moving and you have to direct him to where u want to go! Also I cant believe that this game was put together in just 2 evenings! WOW!

Great job on this game!

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