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Mercury 1.1 for TI-89 and TI-89 Titanium


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Filename mercuryti89.zip (Download)
Title Mercury 1.1 for TI-89 and TI-89 Titanium
Description Works on both the regular TI-89 and the TI-89 Titanium! A high-performance grayscale shoot-em-up game. Features a horizontal parallax scrolling background, with white on black for best display results. This game has many types of enemies as well as bonuses (extra weapons, etc.) for the player. It also features save game and a high score table. This program is nostub so no shell or kernel is required. It should be compatible with all HW and AMS versions (tested up through AMS 3.10). This program can be redistributed or modified with no restrictions.
Author Patrick Davidson (pad@ocf.berkeley.edu)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Shooters)
File Size 115,520 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Apr 19 23:08:39 2012
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Jonathan Katz
Reviewed on 2004-04-12
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Browsing through the file archives the other day, I came across "Mercury," which, for some reason, I had overlooked when it originally came out. After looking at the screenshots, I immediately rebuked myself for overlooking it, and downloaded it. I was not disappointed.

"Mercury" is a side-scroller in which you pilot a spaceship. The arrows keys allow you to move around a certain perimeter on the left-side of the screen (You can't move too far right), and the [2nd] key fires your trusty blaster that is regulated by a rechargeable energy meter. And like in other Patrick Davidson games, [Apps] allows you to quickly save and exit the game and [.] lets you quit and not save. The object of the game is to destroy whatever you can that is in your path while taking as little damage as possible. As you travel on your quest to achieve the goal (Which I have yet to achieve, maybe because I lack some essential side-scrolling skills), certain enemies drop power-ups, from health kits to weapon upgrades. And trust me, having a double-cannon does help a lot.

What makes "Mercury" so much fun is that it looks and plays like a side-scroller you may have played on Genesis or SNES (Games like "Zero Wing"). The graphics are outstanding, and the game runs very smoothly. There are also portions of the game where it pauses at a certain area until you defeat all the enemies, which gives you the added challenge of actually having to destroy things instead of just dodging the enemies and hoping you make it to the end. There is also collision detection with the walls as well as enemies, so, make sure you can steer well (If you can't, you'll learn quickly).

Overall, Mercury is an outstanding game which you should definitely download (All the files are archievable and relatively small, so memory shouldn’t be an issue), but there are a few things that could be added. The big thing I would like to see is a "Difficulty" option. I think it would be nice to have a choice on how hard the game gets, since there are people like me who need to be somewhat spoon-fed on "Easy," (Yes, I also lose quite a bit on "Phoenix Platinum" on “Easy” as well). For the more advanced players, it would be great to have a more challenging mode so that they can show off their amazing skills. Anyway, if you like side-scrollers, or even if you don't, download "Mercury" and try it out. And try to top me and beat the game :)


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Archive Contents
Name Size
arc.bat   293
back.asm   8656
build.bat   221
bullets.asm   2786
collide.asm   3353
disp89.asm   5508
disp92.asm   6205
drawspr.asm   6168
ebullets.asm   4466
endgame.asm   8729
enemies.asm   3053
enemies2.asm   26381
eshoot.asm   2417
gray.asm   11278
hitenemy.asm   16941
hityou.asm   3658
init.asm   8370
levels.asm   18390
lib.asm   7018
maps.asm   3199
maps/bmap.asm   655
maps/bmap.gsm   904
maps/btile.asm   1208
maps/btile.gst   2330
maps/fmap.asm   3652
maps/fmap.gsm   4224
maps/fmap2.asm   2977
maps/fmap2.gsm   3459
maps/fmap3.asm   1735
maps/fmap3.gsm   2064
maps/fmap4.asm   1759
maps/fmap4.gsm   2109
maps/fmap5.asm   1627
maps/fmap5.gsm   1929
maps/ftile.asm   17427
maps/ftile.gst   19490
maps/m0.asm   460
maps/m1.asm   2714
maps/m2.asm   2643
maps/m3.asm   1343
maps/m4.asm   1539
maps/m5.asm   1253
maps/pack.bat   148
maps/pack.c   1438
maps/PACK.EXE   9888
mercury.89z   23927
mercury.asm   5440
mercury.i   6868
mercury.txt   14550
player.asm   8377
sines.i   3153
sprites/artillery_0.asm   397
sprites/artillery_0.gst   1706
sprites/artillery_1.asm   436
sprites/artillery_1.gst   1706
sprites/artillery_2.asm   507
sprites/artillery_2.gst   1706
sprites/base_0.asm   681
sprites/base_0.gst   2018
sprites/blob_0.asm   468
sprites/blob_0.gst   1706
sprites/blob_1.asm   468
sprites/blob_1.gst   1706
sprites/bonus_2.asm   507
sprites/bonus_2.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_3.asm   507
sprites/bonus_3.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_4.asm   507
sprites/bonus_4.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_5.asm   507
sprites/bonus_5.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_energy.asm   507
sprites/bonus_energy.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_m.asm   507
sprites/bonus_m.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_points.asm   507
sprites/bonus_points.gst   2018
sprites/bonus_shield.asm   507
sprites/bonus_shield.gst   2018
sprites/boss_1.asm   1004
sprites/boss_1.gst   2330
sprites/boss_2.asm   1533
sprites/boss_2.gst   2954
sprites/boss_3.asm   1533
sprites/boss_3.gst   2954
sprites/boss_4.asm   2598
sprites/boss_4.gst   3890
sprites/bullet_1.asm   184
sprites/bullet_1.gst   2330
sprites/bullet_2.asm   184
sprites/bullet_2.gst   2330
sprites/bullet_3.asm   255
sprites/bullet_3.gst   1394
sprites/cannon.asm   468
sprites/cannon.gst   1706
sprites/diaggun.asm   610
sprites/diaggun.gst   1706
sprites/diaglightning.asm   539
sprites/diaglightning.gst   1706
sprites/diamond_base.asm   578
sprites/diamond_base.gst   1706
sprites/e_small_0.asm   397
sprites/e_small_0.gst   1706
sprites/ebullet_dart.asm   294
sprites/ebullet_dart.gst   1394
sprites/enemy_2.asm   397
sprites/enemy_2.gst   1706
sprites/enemy_3.asm   468
sprites/enemy_3.gst   1706
sprites/enemy_4.asm   397
sprites/enemy_4.gst   1706
sprites/enemy_sigma.asm   610
sprites/enemy_sigma.gst   1706
sprites/lightning.asm   255
sprites/lightning.gst   1394
sprites/pbullet_1.asm   255
sprites/pbullet_1.gst   1394
sprites/pbullet_m.asm   481
sprites/pbullet_m.gst   1706
sprites/player_ship_1.asm   752
sprites/player_ship_1.gst   2018
sprites/semi_round.asm   539
sprites/semi_round.gst   2954
sprites/smap.gsm   269
sprites/spin_0a.asm   436
sprites/spin_0a.gst   1706
sprites/spin_0b.asm   436
sprites/spin_0b.gst   1706
sprites/spin_0c.asm   436
sprites/spin_0c.gst   1706
sprites/spin_0d.asm   326
sprites/spin_0d.gst   1394
sprites/sprites.i   2336
sprites/triangle_1.asm   539
sprites/triangle_1.gst   1706
sprites/triangle_2.asm   507
sprites/triangle_2.gst   1706
sprites/triangle_3.asm   539
sprites/triangle_3.gst   1706
sprites/triangle_4.asm   539
sprites/triangle_4.gst   2954
sprites/xm00.asm   468
sprites/xm00.gst   1706
sprites/xm01.asm   539
sprites/xm01.gst   1706
sprites/xm02.asm   539
sprites/xm02.gst   1706
sprites/xm03.asm   578
sprites/xm03.gst   1706
sprites/xm04.asm   649
sprites/xm04.gst   2330
sprites/xm05.asm   649
sprites/xm05.gst   2330
sprites/xm06.asm   649
sprites/xm06.gst   2330
sprites/xm07.asm   649
sprites/xm07.gst   2330
sprites/xm08.asm   649
sprites/xm08.gst   2330
sprites/xm09.asm   649
sprites/xm09.gst   2330
startup.asm   4668
title.asm   8052
vars.asm   2868
version.i   941
which.i   12

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