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Review by  Carl Weybrecht
Reviewed on 2006-02-22
“Dying Eyes” is definitely one of the best games I have seen for the TI-83+ family. I recommend a Silver Edition simply for the fact that this game is so large. A Silver Edition helps with speed, but memory becomes very scarce on a normal 83+ or 84+.

Until I found this game, I must have played almost every “Phoenix” game in the archives at least 10+ times. This was my favorite game, but I always get a “Not enough RAM” message, even when every last thing is archived).

Graphics: 8/10 Reminds me of the original Pokemon games
Speed: 10/10 Very smooth game, especially for a calculator game
Gameplay: 9/10
Size: 6/10 Large size, but you’ll see why when you play it
Replay value: 3/10 After about the first or second time you play, it starts to get old
Overall: 9/10 - Dying Eyes will keep you occupied for weeks at a time (as long as you don’t rush). It isn’t ranked #3 for nothing.

Review by  Carlo Valentin
Reviewed on 2005-10-08
“Dying Eyes” is amazing. The graphics are not that good, but the gameplay is awesome. It moves much more smoothly than any other game I've played. It is also very user friendly. One of the things I noticed, it there is a "Good" glitch. There is a certain battle that instead of giving you normal exp. it gives you 12000-14000 exp and gold combined. Other than that this game is perfect.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-04-13
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-10/10 Outstanding
Graphics-7/10 Great
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
This is a great RPG! This game has okay graphics, but the gameplay and speed make up for it ten-fold. “Dying Eyes” is very fun because you have the story to complete, plus you can upgrade your experience level to make battling easier. There are many different enemies giving the game some variety. There are also many different graphical tiles that give this game a wonderful look to it. This game will keep you busy for weeks, or as long as your batteries last!

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