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Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-10-11
“Star Wars” is a great shooter as far as graphics go. The X-Wing, TIE fighters, snowspeeders, and AT-STs look great. However, the game needs some expansion. There are only two levels, and the enemies eventually get repetitive. As far as I've found, there is only one weapon. To improve “Star Wars,” the author should add more of just about everything- more levels, weapons, enemies, etc. With some additions, this could be a truly great game.

Review by  Ben Cherry
Reviewed on 2004-01-25
This game is one of the best side-scrolling space shooter games available. You begin the game as an X-Wing flying through space shooting down Tie-Fighters as the Death Star scrolls by in the background. The enemies do shoot back at you and each has an individual health value. As you progress through the level the enemies gradually get harder as you encounter Tie-Interceptors...

Eventually, you will finish your mission in space and be taken to Hoth (I think) to fight AT-ATs in your snow-speeder. All around this is a very fun game and a nice quick distraction during class. It has wonderful graphics and multiple difficulty levels, so it always offers a new challenge. I recommend getting this game, also try Vincent Corfdir's previous game Aerial Assault.

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