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Review by  Noah Greene
Reviewed on 2013-09-08
This has been a TREMENDEOUS help in writing my upcoming RPG! Besides the power off function freezing the calc, and missing a few key features, this is hands down a GREAT app!

Review by  Teh Pwnerer
Reviewed on 2009-04-26
Wow, first of all.

The ability to have FULL program management, contrast control, sprite design, scrolling, text modification, memory management, and more suddenly added to your tibasic arsenal is absolutely amazing. this program is a must have for all basic programmers wanting to get into game design. brilliant.

9/10 (only problem is in TI 84 plus, the power down feature freezes calc)

overall a brillant (and easy) program to use.

Review by  Sean Samshuijzen
Reviewed on 2007-01-02
All basic programmers have the same problem: limitations. The Basic language is limited in its use. Things like deleting programs are impossible.

NOT ANYMORE! Codex gives people like you and me the opportunity to change contrast, use alpha lock, etc. This is a must-have for basic programmers!

Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2004-02-16
CODEX is the most complete ASM utility for basic programmers. It includes graph screen moving, reverse-video-text, shut down, turn the busy indicator off, enable lowercase letters, rectangle library, change contrast, sprites and rectangle library (white border, black border, filled white or black rectangles and XOR'ed rectangles). It also allow you to archive, un-archive, lock, unlock and even delete programs from basic programs. Overall value: 9/10. Why not 10/10? Ok this program is not perfect, however. Sprites are exceedingly slow, but it's an excellent utility for Silver Edition RPG development.

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