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Review by  Sean Hilty
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 8/10 Insane Game is great for link play, although it gets a little boring after playing it a while in the other modes.
Controls: 10/10 The controls are responsive, and the configurtion makes sense.
Implementation: 9/10 The game is well done and in essence three games in one.
Overall: 9/10 Insane Game is well done, and fun to play.

Insane Game is a puzzle game in which the object is to remove groups of similar blocks. There are several different patterns, and if two or more blocks of the same pattern are touching, then the can be "clicked" on and removed. If a row or column completely disappears, then the one to the right or above moves in to take the spot. A very good aspect of this game is the fact that there are three different play modes. In action mode the screen gradually fills up with blocks, and the object is to keep removing groups of blocks before the screen is completely filled up. In Puzzle mode, the screen begins filled up with blocks, and the object is to try and remove as many blocks as possible and achive the highest score. Which groups are removed and when they are removed play a big part in how the blocks line up toward the end. The third mode is versus mode. It is similar to action mode, but it is played over the link cable with another calculator. When one player gets a large group removed, more blocks get placed on the opponent's screen. The player whose screen fills up completely first is the loser.

The game has quite a bit of replay value, but in the action mode and versus mode make it sometimes feels like the only way to do good is to move randomly while constantly tapping the 2nd button. The versus mode is still fun. One high score is kept for each mode, and although there is only room on the main screen to show one high score, a high score table for each would be better (In my opinion). One more thing that could be added is different speeds for the action mode, so that on faster speeds the new blocks would appear much quicker than on lower speeds. Insane Game 2.71 is well done, and it has little that can be improved on.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-04-05
Thomas Williamson couldn't have said it better! The one thing I do enjoy about this game is how I have never beaten it. I hope that doesn't make me look stupid, but seriously it’s really hard. If you don't believe me try it out for yourself.

There are three different modes of gameplay, including the main Puzzle Mode, which in my mind is the most challenging. There is also the Action mode, where the "AI" constantly is refilling the screen with the blocks and you just have to last as long as you can. The Versus Mode is a linked game to another calculator that is similar to the Action Mode and you must outlast your opponent playing the same type a game as in Action Mode.

The graphics can be a little hard to look at sometimes and I often think that grayscale would make the program function better! However, it functions well without it. The speed of the "AI" is constantly increasing as you play in both the Action and Versus Modes. There is a high score for each setting. That’s about it, but it’s enough for me to have kept it on my calculator over two years or so.

Review by  Thomas Williamson
Reviewed on 2004-02-11
They made this game for practically every model calculator and thus honestly, who _doesn't_ like this game? Anyone into puzzle games and strategy games should have this game on their calculator. Every mode has its bright side, and the intensity of a game where you collapse matching blocks can be surprisingly high.

Graphics and speed don't really make a huge difference here, but I'll tell you that they are well above par. Controls are a little swanky, though. Pressing F1 to select options is weird, and for some reason I feel queasy hitting EXIT to see my score. Other than that, a well made, addictive game! 8/10!

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