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Review by  A B
Reviewed on 2004-10-17
“Pongblasta” is a novel idea of shooting while playing “Pong,” but it has some problems.

This game would have been much better if it addressed some collision detection problems. I found that I could never win because the pong ball seemed to go right through my paddle, letting the AI score. Also, a difficulty level for the AI would be great. Finally, the two player mode doesn't seem to work too well. I tried to start a game with one a friend, and the program said "Ready? N/A Yet" repeatedly. If the author fixed some bugs in this program, it would be great.

Playability: 8/10
Originality: 7/10
Fun: 5/10

Review by  jordan wimberly
Reviewed on 2004-10-01
This particular “Pong” game is weird, but in a good way. The goal is the same as regular “Pong” games, but there are bonuses and one added twist. You and your opponent both have a health bar! If someone loses all their health, they lose a point. There are some glitches, though. One is that sometimes the game will count a point for the opponent even if you hit the ball dead center. Another is that some bonuses that increase your accuracy doesn’t hurt your opponent.

I give “Pongblasta” a 6/10 for now, and is not quite in my “Pong” collection, but it will be once it is more complete.

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