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Review by  Robert Baker
Reviewed on 2017-01-09
I don't know how old this software is, but from the system requirements (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.x, or 2000) it's horribly out of date; nobody has been using ME for at least 15 years if not longer.

I can confirm that this software does not work on Windows 7 Professional (64-bit); when I try to open a .89p file, the child window opens inside the main window instead of as a floating window, so the main window has to be resized to even see the child window; and the child window came up blank. I tried closing and re-opening the child window, and got only the header, not the actual program.

Review by  Ali Dehghan
Reviewed on 2013-02-26
I installed the program on my windows 7 computer. But can't create any new files or open any of my existing programs (the program window hangs and the only option is to close it)

This is very unfortunate cause there aren't many alternatives.

Review by  Gilbert F├╝rer
Reviewed on 2012-12-07
Does not open my .v2p file.

It's like opening an empty document.

Can't input anything.

(Windows XP x64 in Windows 95 compatibility mode)

Review by  Mark Witt
Reviewed on 2010-03-22
I appreciate the effort, but the software fails to impress on my XP system. It looks pretty, but just sits there. It doesn't seem interested in taking any keyboard input at all. Just a paragraph or two on how to get started would probably have been a big help. I uninstalled it; life's just too short. Great idea, poor execution.

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