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Agent 007


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Filename agent007.zip (Download)
Title Agent 007
Description As James Bond, you must capture 006. Features driving and firstperson battles
Author Daniel Sims (RaptureDan@aol.com)
Category TI-83 BASIC Games (Role-playing)
File Size 4,361 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Jan 19 18:32:50 1998
Documentation Included? No


Review by  Arthur O'Dwyer
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
A decent game. It consists of four mini-games, or "missions": two dodg em' driving games of the "Skiing" variety, one target-gallery game, and one bizarre game (that the author admits is slow as heck) that seems to involve walking around trying to shoot an opponent as in games of the "Kong" genre.

The first mission held my interest: you have to drive Bond's car down a street dodging enemy cars and civilians ("W" and "M" respectively; who knows why?). But I couldn't figure out whether there was actually any penalty for hitting the civilians or not. There is noticeable lag even in this mission, but nothing out of the ordinary for a typical BASIC game.

The second mission was pretty much the same thing: sit there for a while, occasionally hitting "left" or "right," until the game decides you've had enough. The "random curves" algorithm needs some work; usually you can just keep the car in the middle of the road, and you won't need to pay attention. Noticeable lag again.

The third mission is a target-shooting one with a timer. That's new for me. Good job! I do wish it wouldn't use hardcoded pictures, but that's just a personal bias. Realtime drawings would be slow as heck unless they were done *really* well.

The fourth mission didn't make much sense; two stick figures stand in a box. You probably control one of them, but since the lag time is so great and the other one is supposed to be moving randomly anyway, I couldn't tell which was which. Eventually, the one on the right wandered down off the bottom of the map, leaving a gaping hole in the box on the screen. I assume this is a bug, not a feature. I hit a few more keys -- it looks like "2nd" shoots your gun, though I don't see any bullet come out, and I don't know whether the other guy was supposed to be shooting, or whether Bond dies if he gets shot -- but eventually I determined that with only one stick figure left on the screen, nothing else would happen. So I hit "On."

All in all, it's a time-honored concept: stick a bunch of games in one package and hope one of them works. But there's nothing here you won't get from the same bytes' worth of Skiing, Darts, and whatever the heck that last one was supposed to be.

A note on the code itself: also decent. The code would benefit from some tightening (the main program has a section with "If D=1:Goto DD:If D=2:Goto DD:If D=3:Goto DD:If D=4...", for example), but this guy seems to know what he's doing most of the time.

Still, if you make your code take twice the space it really needs, then it's going to take *way* more than twice the space it deserves. And then I'm going to play it once and delete it, so I have more room for Tetris 83Z and Hunt the Wumpus v2 [blatant plug].


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