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Review by  toby reams
Reviewed on 2004-06-23
One word can describe this game: Wow! I can hardly believe that this game is written in BASIC! It has blazing fast speed and incredible graphics for BASIC. I like that you can see power, angle, weapon at the bottom and you can actually see where your tank is. The author did an awesome job and I don't think that “Tanks Incoming” will be coming off my calc any time in the near future.

Review by  Corlan McDonald
Reviewed on 2004-06-13
Three words: “This. Is. Great.”

This is the best “Scortched Earth” imitator out there. I have tried numerous other which were horrible, but I think that “Tanks Incoming” is the best. Everything about it is great: weapons (not so much nor so little), destroyable terrain, smart AI, wind, tank sprites (easy to see and identify), etc.

I give “Tanks Incoming” a 10/10 on the "Tanks War" Scale and a 10/10 overall.

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