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Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-04-10
This is THE BEST calc capture utility ever. I only tried this program for 10 minutes and I was able to come up with that conclusion.

The screenshots that this program creates are excellent. You can define any screenshot size, and you can do animated and grayscale shots. You can also change the frame rate for the animated GIFs it takes. No more including your screenshots in BMP format, folks!

My only complaint with this program is that you have to define the filename before you take the screenshot. This is obviously very minor, but it would just be a little more convenient.

And one more thing: Because of the way Calc Capture works, you can actually take a screenshot of not only any emulator, including the SDK, but of ANY WINDOW ON YOUR DESKTOP! I tried it with the Windows Clock, and it worked! That, in my opinion, is an epic win. There is no reason not to download this program!

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-03-24
If you need to make screenshots for any of your programs this is by far the best way to go. Not only can it take shots of any calculator emulator, but there is no restriction to staying in the 1x or 2x sizes, however I suggest you do to keep the quality of the screenshot at its best.

The best thing about CalcCapture is that you will also be able to take screenshots of any emulators in the future as well. So it won't need to be updated along with all the emulator software. In addition to the vast different emulators that CalcCapture is good for it can also capture pics from any calculator, including HP calculators.

There are many settings that enable you o produce any kind of screenshot you wish, including animated or still shots. There are grayscale and black/white settings, capture speed for animated shots, contrast and lightness adjustment settings, and a couple different borders to chose from. n addition to the various settings, this program is incredibly easy to use once you have your personal settings installed. There is a hotkey option so you can get that very hard to get shot with the touch of a button.

I have used this program to make all of my screenshots and many that I have made for this site that weren't mine. It's actually a quick launch icon on my desktop. I could think of no way to change this program to make it better than it is right now. Well done, and thank you so much!

Review by  Steven Wheelwright
Reviewed on 2004-02-27
Great program! It's easy to get to work right away. I wanted an animated screenshot for a juggling program, and I got this to work in seconds.

Review by  Kerm Martian
Reviewed on 2004-01-26
I have found this to be an extremely useful tool when used with Virtual TI. You can create still and animated screen shots both in grayscale and black and white, adjust contrast, borders, and skin definitions, then save screen shots in .gif format - perfect for ticalc.org submissions. The intuitive interface and low memory requirements make this a must for any serious programmer.

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