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Review by  harold aptroot
Reviewed on 2006-06-03
While I didn't have trouble with the "every 8th program" (I didn't have over 8 programs), I do have some notes. Using “xLIB” to copy an archived program and running the program would almost do the same thing; people would edit the COPY so they wouldn't do any damage. Furthermore, there are many "locking programs", and this is a relatively small APP that wastes a lot of Archive for that reason.

Nice idea but I wouldn't recommend using this application.

Review by  mike
Reviewed on 2004-02-05
This program has a great idea behind it, but it is not well carried out. While it does in fact lock the programs, if you have more than 8 programs, it causes large errors. It will lock every 8 programs (For example if you try to lock your 2nd program, it will lock the 2nd, 10th, 18th, and so on.) This gets very annoying when you only want to lock one. I would only advise you to get this if you don't have more than 8 programs, or want to lock everything.

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