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Review by  Robert Kipling
Reviewed on 2009-02-22
"Frustration" is a clever novelty calculator program, where the user is allowed to shoot virtual holes in your calculator. The aiming and shooting is first-rate, with the exception of the occasional glitch when you fire at the top or bottom of the screen.

Although I've never been angry at my calculator before, I figured it was worth a try, after I've seen people use similar programs on PCs. While the cursor (trigger) speed was quite quick and the effects were excellent, I had hoped a little more attention could have been paid to restoring the original screen instead of allowing bullet holes to remain after exiting the program.

Note: In case this program causes more frustration than it relieves (e.g. the screen just "doesn't look right" to you), archive all the files you care about, and hold the Left, Right, and 2nd keys and press On. This will RAM-resets your calculator and undoes any unwanted glitches with the screen.

Review by  Clay Showalter
Reviewed on 2005-07-09
"Gun" is surprisingly fun, but the author means what he says about the debris's staying on the screen if you shoot at the top or bottom. My screen was only fixed when I removed the batteries and held the APPS key when I replaced them, then removing the batteries again. Just a little annoying.

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