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Review by  Barry McNamara
Reviewed on 2012-09-19
Gameplay: 3/5

The gameplay isn't really THAT good with various attacks missing (each Pokemon has one or two basic attacks, one for each type) but it is a Pokemon game so I can't help but to like it.

Graphics: 2/5

The graphics are minimal, but the animated HP bars are a nice touch.

Controls: 3/5

It's not much fun to control.

Interface: 1/5

This file is WAY TOO LARGE. My TI-84+ can barely run it when I have everything else archived. If you play for too long you get ERR:MEMORY and there isn't enough memory to get through the elite four. And to make this worse, it's a BASIC file with tons of tiny sub-programs so if you lose one or archive the wrong one the whole thing doesn't work. I hate games what make you compromise math functions for games. And the menus aren't much fun either (although I do appreciate the Pikachu picture)

Replayability: 2/5

If you're a pokemon nerd you might come back to it but the file is annoying to have and it's a lot more fun to catch 'em all on a gameboy. There is link play but I don't see a lot of battles going on.

Average: 2.2/5

Overall: 2/5

Only play this if you really like Pokemon.

Review by  Joey McNamara
Reviewed on 2010-07-25
Extremely memory intensive. In fact, so memory intensive, the manual recommends 30 kb of RAM space. My TI-84+SE has a maximum of 21740 bytes, and the programs require a minimum of about 21200 bytes. I was able to get the program to run once, after I had deleted every last program, list, and every last variable on my calculator to make space for it. And at that, it only ran because I forgot to transfer over a picture, which took up the last of the available space. After clearing my calculator of everything except 2 applications which are stored in the archive, and then transferring the files over, the program still would not run. I apologize to the creator, however I personally do not know of a way to give you more space for your program to run, and I do not know why you recommended 30 kb, when most people have a maximum of 22kb, on a good day.

I rate this very lowly, for being unable to use the allotted space to even make the program run. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether or not the program can run, and this one needs too much to run. The author will need to go back through and do some line-by-line optimizations to make it more available to the public, as just a little more will be able to make it much more widely available.

Until it works, there is near nothing else I can judge it on; graphics are near impossible to see from code in most cases, including this case, speed is also near impossible to tell, I can't tell if it's buggy or if it's glitch-free, so my overall rating is going to be a 3 / 10. I can tell it has great potential, so it's not a 0, but until it works, it's not getting anywhere near a high rating.

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