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Filename wolf.zip (Download)
Title Wolfenstein83
Description No it's not one of those slow and unplayable basic games. This is a real-time 3d-raycaster based on the game by id. Also includes an on-calc mapeditor.
Author Peter Bucher (peter.bucher@solnet.ch)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (MirageOS)
File Size 132,654 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Mar 25 15:03:48 2003
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Souvik Banerjee
Reviewed on 2010-05-16
Altough it is better than any other 3D game I have seen (except for Maze3D), this game could be better.

First of all, the main screen is not in full screen mode, and there is no option to turn on full screen mode.

Graphics 5/10: The bad guys look very unrealistic and there is no full screen mode. Grayscale would have been nice.

Size 7/10: It would have been better if it had been packaged into an app.

Overall 6/10

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Archive Contents
Name Size
83/WMAP1.83P   1301
83/WMAP2.83P   2074
83/WMAP3.83P   2102
83/WMAP4.83P   1796
83/WMAP5.83P   2008
83/WMAP6.83P   1468
83/WMAP7.83P   1863
83/WMAP8.83P   1441
83/WMAP9.83P   1030
83/WOLF.83P   17866
83/WOLFEDIT.83P   11169
83/WOLFION.83P   17850
83plus/wmap1.8xp   1303
83plus/wmap2.8xp   2067
83plus/wmap3.8xp   2080
83plus/wmap4.8xp   1798
83plus/wmap5.8xp   2013
83plus/wmap6.8xp   1470
83plus/wmap7.8xp   1865
83plus/wmap8.8xp   1439
83plus/wmap9.8xp   1032
83plus/Wolfedit.8xp   11188
83plus/Wolf.8xp   18693
83plus/Wolfex.8xp   17724
Develop/Source/Wolf.asm   48888
Develop/Source/IonRout.asm   5581
Develop/Source/Wolf_Buf.asm   34579
Develop/Source/Wolfenstein3D.apr   269
Develop/Source/Developer.txt   2452
Develop/Source/Wolf_KI.asm   12693
Develop/Source/WolfDtex.asm   2670
Develop/Source/WolfRayC.asm   10416
Develop/Source/WolfSPRd.asm   11527
Develop/Source/Wolf_Int.asm   1923
Develop/Source/Wolf_Men.asm   3279
Develop/Source/WolfTEX.asm   54530
Develop/Source/Wolf_Tbl.asm   9303
Develop/Map/asmwolf.BAT   830
Develop/Map/Wolfcomp.exe   57344
Develop/Map/map1_1.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_2.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_3.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_4.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_5.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_6.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_7.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_8.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/map1_9.gsm   20744
Develop/Map/Textures.gst   53498
Readme.txt   11194

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