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Review by  Nick Taylor
Reviewed on 2006-08-28
Playability- 9/10

Graphics- 8/10- Great graphics

Functionality- 10/10- Very easy to control and play

Size- 9/10- 4930 bytes. Thats it. A very compact game, for its functions

Replay Value- 11/10- Addicting puzzle game. Enough said.

Overall- 47/50 (A-)- This will be a calculator classic for years to come. The author did an excellent job on this game, and it truly shows. Download this game if you like good puzzle games that are fun.

Review by  Matt M
Reviewed on 2004-02-06
"Dr. Mario" is one of the greatest Tetris-style games ever. With great graphics, control, and gameplay this game is truly quality.

The graphics are as true as the TI can get to the original Super NES game. It copies everything, from the title screen to the level select to the actual in-game play. I liked the graphics a lot. The pills are easy to differentiate, and that's really useful in the game.

You see, "Dr. Mario" is like Tetris in the sense that you attempt to exterminate all of the "blocks" (or pills in this case). It is unlike Tetris, however, in the sense that you need to line up four of the same colored pills. It's very challenging. Luckily, if you want it to be easier, the authors included a level selecting system so you can choose your "virus level" and the speed the pills fall at. It also keeps a high score and allows you to enter your name.

I would encourage you to download this game. It takes up about 5k of memory on your calculator and it's worth every bit. You'll play this game again and again. Especially if you like Tetris-like games.

I'm gonna give "Dr. Mario" a 9/10. :)

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-02-04
This is truly a great game. Although this Tetris-clone has absolutely nothing to do with Mario, it still succeeds at being one of the best, if not the best, Tetris clone EVER.

In this game you control different pills that drop from the top, all the same shape, and attempt to kill all of the viiri. Each type of pill can be excellent at taking out a certain virus or can take out one of two possible viiri, depending on its shade. You must get four sections of medicine lined up with a virus of the same shade to kill the virus. However, the rest of your pill falls to the bottom as trash, piling up and making it harder to kill the viiri. As you progress through the levels, the speed and number of viiri will increase.

The controls are easy and practical. The up key rotates the pills and the other keys change their position. This, in addition to a small file size and a huge fun-factor, makes this one of my favorite calculator games.

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