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Review by  mary kline
Reviewed on 2004-07-30
This is the grandest math program of all time. I like how this program just does enough: it does not do every little last possible thing for you, but it frees your mind up so you can apply some of the formulas and whatnot in the program. My only complaint is that I wish this program had the ability to just do some of these inequalites and these absolute value inequalites a tad bit better. But one topic out of the ton of invaluable topics on this program gives this an A+ in my book. This program will eat your memory, but it stores as an app, and I think that is very considerate of the developer. I would totally download this program if I were in Algebra One because that way you can play with it and be exposed to a great many things you will see as you progress in your studies.

Review by  Shengzhi Li
Reviewed on 2004-07-27
After reading all the positive commentary about this program, I downloaded the program and was rather disappointed. The math equations were useful and the conic-grapher was interesting, but the size was just tremendous and the program was too slow. The menu uses a picture (what's the point?) and moves like an earthworm. The six program files take up humongous amounts of memory. Some of the subroutines are rather simple; i.e. Midpoint Formula, slope, etc. With six programs, it's easy to forget which program something is in, coupled with the extremely slow menu function. It sometimes takes one minute just to get to what you need!

Overall the math programs are okay and a few are actually sort of useful, but the size is enormous and the speed is zero.

My ratings:
Math programs: 7/10
Size: 4/10
Speed: 1/10
Usefulness: 5/10
Total: 4/10

Review by  Brock Jackson
Reviewed on 2004-06-27
This is quite possibly the best calculator program ever conceived. Not only does it do everything that is required for an advanced mathematics course (say... Algebra 2 Honors), it gives the step-by-step solving capabilities that other calculator programs for the TI-83+ are missing. The genius doesn't stop there. The absolute flawless performance of this program has allowed for repeated and continuous use throughout my high school math career, as well as helped me in my science studies. I will be sure to use this well into college as I would be lost without it.

It is functional in that it can be used in almost any situation, including homework, and my favorite, on tests. It helped me out on two semester finals and I aced both, because of the wide range of equations and material this program covers. The "panic" button on the calc is the coolest thing that could be thought of. The "log" button allows the home screen to be displayed if the teacher walks around the classroom during tests. If they get too close, just one press will keep you safe from getting caught.

The functionality and brilliant design of this program allow for the widest range of material to be at your fingertips, with all the necessary information and equations that you need to be successful in an advanced math class; it would still be invaluable in some "regular" math classes.

Review by  Ace Cool
Reviewed on 2004-06-26
This is the coolest program I have found on ticalc.org yet! It does more than improve upon other versions of similar programs. Other programs tend to contain basic functions such as the quadratic formula, midpoint, distance, etc. What sets this program apart are two things: It contains many (and I mean many) different functions specific to the Algebra 2 Curriculum. The most useful are perhaps the functions for binomial expansion and all the programs designed for the conic sections (especially the conics grapher which somehow eliminates all the "holes"!!!) The password feature and the option to turn on or off the title screen are really neat. It even has a fake "clear" screen for those times the teacher comes around checking for anything suspicious. The program is very easy to operate; the menu systems are easy to navigate, and there are also additional instructions within the program itself. I would recommend this program to everyone who is or will take Algebra 2. It help me to get the "A" I so direly needed. In the end, this program went far and beyond all the other math programs on ticalc.org!

Review by  Teja Vepa
Reviewed on 2004-04-04
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is the epitome of an “Algebra 2” program. It has bailed me out of countless math tests, and has a permanent spot on my calculator, I try to give it to everyone I know, and they all feel the same way. I've used this program on the PSAT, the ACT, and I plan to use it on the upcoming SAT.

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