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Review by  Jared Schmidt
Reviewed on 2004-09-22
“Xport” is a nice looking shell. It kind of looks like Windows and it has grayscale. I tried it out because I have yet to see a good shell for the TI-89. The one thing I was really happy to see was that this shell can launch ppg programs; this is the first shell I've seen that does this. On the downside, the shell doesn’t launch BASIC programs, it is kind of large, and isn't very user friendly. You can't use a single button to move, select, and delete files. Also, it takes a little longer to launch programs. However, I still commend the programmer's efforts.

Review by  Alex Peterson
Reviewed on 2004-03-26
Although you still need a kernel to run games with Xport, it is one of the best graphical shells available.

Graphics: 10/10
Wow. Most of the graphics look just like Windows, with grayscale too. It has menus like Windows, icons, and properties for files. The icons in the control panel are ripped straight from Windows. In my opinion this has the best graphics out of all shells.

Gameplay: n/a

Speed: 9/10
Even with all the eye candy, it still maintains a high speed. Only downfall is that it takes a little bit longer to load programs.

Usefulness: 8/10
This shell has some neat features. It has a control panel with power settings, display settings, file settings, user info, and pie charts that show your memory usage. It has a better battery indicator with 4 levels of power. The file explorer and menus are easy to use, with built-in text and picture viewers. The only downfall is that a kernel is not built in.

"Coolness" factor: 10/10
Some people actually believed me when I said I had Windows on my calc! This is a great program to show off to your friends.

Memory Taken: ~30k to store, ~60k free ram to run

Total Score: 9.1 Superb.

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