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Review by  Tony Wasiele
Reviewed on 2018-09-04
The game did not work at all + my calculator keeps clearing all ram, I would not recommend this game.

Review by  Daniel Muckerman
Reviewed on 2008-11-28
Most Pokemon clones for the TI are severly incomplete or lacking in alot. Pokemon Red was modeled straight after the origanal for the Gameboy Color. Although it is mostly text based, it has some graphics and features almost everything from the origanal Pokemon Red version. Although the battle system lacks sprites, the HP bars are a nice touch.

Size: 6/10

Takes up most of your RAM, but has everything it should.

Speed: 8/10

Menus are a little slow, but other wise very fast.

Ease of Use: 10/10

Very straight-forward, everything is clear and easy to use.

Overall: 10/10

The PC and Cable Club are nice features and so are the HP bars. If I were to improve it I would simply add a little more graphics to the maps and some pokemon sprites for battle. All in all it is a great game and should be downloaded.

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